Will you be my friend?


When my friend Sarah suggested going on a trip for ice cream I jumped at the chance, some time to have a good catch up and ice cream sounded absolutely perfect. Then one of us had the crazy idea to walk to the ice cream farm which sounds perfectly normal up to now, until you find out that it’s a 20 mile round trip. I quickly did the maths in my head and realised that meant I could eat four ice creams guilt free and all of a sudden I was more eager.



After my first marriage broke down I didn’t want to stay in the house we shared together and I definitely didn’t want to move back home, again. So I started looking at shared houses ( I wasn’t ready to live alone at the time ) and found the perfect one that was new to the shared house scene, so new in fact I was the first person to move in and spent the first month living alone. The house was big enough for four of us to live there I lived in part dread and part excitement to see who else might move in.


Six weeks after I had moved in Sarah moved in, she was new to the area after moving for a job and didn’t know anyone and I had lost 50% of my friends to my marriage separation not to mention the 30% I decided to cut out of my life because I knew they were only happy for me when I was low so I decided on a complete fresh start which meant new town and new friends.


Making new friends as an adult is a lot harder then when we were kids, there’s no runners up to someone on the playground and simply just asking them if they want to be your best friend and then you skip off to nap time hand in hand, swapping dolls, combing each other’s hair and whispering about boys. Well within the first day of Sarah moving in I just blurted out the words ” can we be friends ” luckily she said yes and we have been friends ever since.


One of my absolute favourite things about Sarah is she knows everything there is to know about bugs and likes to take pictures of bugs. We have spent many a drunk night in our local pubs ( back when I actually drank ) and when she gets drunk she starts talking about weird animal facts which will have you rolling around on the floor laughing trying not to spill your cocktail.


Mummy the ice cream is this way!!!!


We both moved out of the shared house and now live two streets apart and spend most of our time in the same gym. Both our lives have changed so much since that first meeting I’m sure neither of us ever imagined our lives to be so happy.


I love every bit of fur on this beautiful head!


I had absolutely no idea that my little town was so pretty but there is so many green spaces that I had no idea even existed.


About 8 miles into the walk I got a little peckish for ice cream and stopped for a cherry frozen yogurt waffle cone. It was so yummy I’m really loving frozen yogurt at the moment.


Looking extremely pleased with myself.


Walking through Cheshire is enough to satisfy every house goal you could possibly have. I saw at least five houses of all shapes and sizes that I wanted to buy immediately and just spend all my time baking cakes.


We chatted about everything and then some, t seems  so long since we had a really good catch up.


I think Dave made a new friend too.


I learnt something new about Sarah not only does she know every about bugs ( I’m not even kidding, you can ring her in any bug emergency ). But I found out she knows a hell of a lot about birds as well ( my knowledge about birds and bugs is absolutely shocking, I think all small birds are tits.


This ice cream was absolutely worth the walk, I have raspberry pavlova, damson sloe gin and strawberry flavour. In a car I only live ten minutes away from Snugburys ice cream farm which is the loveliest ice cream I have ever eaten. Raspberry pavlova is hands down my favourite and I have probably eaten hundreds of litres of it during my life.


Ice cream makes me so happy, like a five year old girl.


Having a little rest before the walk home, I could have had a little nap tho.


New friends forever!


20 miles, 8 hours and 4 scoops later and I felt truly amazing, I was so incredibly thankful for the time I got to spend with Sarah and the walk was so pretty. As much as I love the gym and walking Dave I’ve never been a big walker, certainly not one of this distance but I definitely think that’s about to change. It’s going to be a summer of long los and big  creams.


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