Til next time London!


On my last day in London I wanted to do something that screamed tourist and with a berry full of delicious cake ( did you see my cake post earlier today? No well go take a peek here ). I thought I would wander over to Buckingham palace, I was greeted by hundreds and hundreds of people all lined up. As much as I would like to believe they were all there for me I was pretty sure they weren’t. So I asked a very scary looking policeman on a horse who informed me the c;hanging of the guard was about to start.


So I stuck my elbows out and wiggled my way to the front of the crowds whilst trying not to get hit on the head by my new pet hate, the selfie stick! There was sticks flying everywhere.


I couldn’t resist it!


This was my first trip to the palace, clearly somebody didn’t let Lizzie know because she left as I arrived ( I know right!? Clearly she didn’t know I was in town ). Although I was over excited to see the side of her head as she was driven past me.


I’m not going to lie I thought the changing of the guards was exactly that, New shift clock on, old shift clock off. I honestly thought it was a ten minute job, boy was I wrong!


I don’t think I have ever felt so British in my whole life as being stood in front of Buckingham palace whilst the guards changed ( and look I survived the sea of selfie sticks and made it too the front, well almost the front. There was a woman who was 5ft3 in front of me, I’m 6ft who told me to invade her head space because Wes made the perfect pair ). I spoke to some truly lovely people on my trip.


Patrolling the area I was stood in was the loveliest policemen I have ever encountered, he made the whole crowd sing happy birthday to a seven year old girl and in several languages told us all to watch our belongings. Heh was definitely the least scariest policemen there although I wouldn’t have wanted to mess with him.


I had finally warmed up in the sunshine and it takes a lot for me to get warm so the whole time I was wondering just how incredibly hot the guards must have been, especially if their fluffy hats/helmets?!


I highly recommend a day in London of cake and a trip to the palace, on my next trip I’m definitely upping my game and having afternoon tea and a tour around the palace.


Definitely in my top three highlights of the trip was watching the band ( is it a band? Sorry if that’s the wrong word ) playing the James Bond theme tune.


Here comes my favourite guard now!


As soon as the change had been made the tourists just seemed to disappear as if they were never there.


Queen Victoria looking extremely serious guarding the palace.


I’m very sad now that this is my last London posts, I had such a wonderful time and made some incredible memories not to mention all the ideas I got for my blog.

Til next time London!


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