Cake in the city!


I’m on my final day of blogging about my London trip and that makes me a little sad although I am already planning a trip back in September which I’m already incredibly excited about. There is no way I could visit London without having some cake and there’s only one place I wanted cake from I woke super early and super excited for a trip to Hummingbird bakery in Soho.


But first breakfast, I returned to mojos juice bar and cafe to try theIr homemade beans and they were the best beans I have ever eaten, I’m now in search of the perfect bean recipe so I can have them at home. With my belly warmed up but not satisfied with the lack of cake I literally turned the corner and I was at hummingbird bakery.


I arrived five minutes before opening and like a five year old girl I started bouncing around on the spot wondering why time had stopped moving. Five months later ( or five minutes ) the gates to heaven opened and all of a sudden I lost all my motor skills and was only able to stand there drooling while my cake obsessed mind took everything in.


It’s like a party and all my favourite people of been invited, all of a sudden my brain and tummy were in serious talks about how much I could eat before I explored. My belly was convinced that it could take on the whole shop!


This is definitely the prettiest sight in London!


After a good ten minute debate with myself I opted for two pieces of cake to try, there was the rainbow cake which was massive and so pretty and a raspberry layer cake with lemon frosting. It was an absolute party in my mouth, I will be making the rainbow cake next week so keep your eyes peeled for the recipe. I literally face planted each piece of cake with absolutely no shame even when the lady came to ask me if I needed anything I lifted my cake covered face and gave her a look that said don’t mess with me and my cake ( I swear I was wiping cake off my face for the rest of my day ).


I couldn’t post about London without including a red telephone box it’s like the law.


With the weather so much warmer then the day before I braved a dress although I had two pairs of tights on and decided to walk as much as possible to take in as much of London in my last 12 hours.


I spent most of my day at Buckingham palace which I will be posting about later today so keep your eyes peeled for that. A couple of hours before my train was due I suddenly realized that I hadn’t seen the house of parliament, big Ben or the millennium wheel so I jumped ( well squeezed onto the tube at rush hour and headed across town ).


I emerged from Westminster tube station to the biggest mass of people I have ever seen but I managed to weave and duck out the way of people to take some pictures and admire some beautiful architecture.


I couldn’t resist one last selfie in front of a landmark.


Turns out visiting at rush hour was totally worth it! The sun had started to lower and it basked everywhere in a beautiful golden light.


I took in the last sights of London before heading to Euston station for my train ride home. What an incredible few days I had in London, I am now more in love with our capital than ever. It’s only three months til I visit again and if you think there is something I would love in London than please comment below and let me know as I’m always looking for new little adventures. Or if you live in or near London and fancy some cake let me know I’m always looking for cake friends.


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