Flowers, truffles & The rolling stones!


I really, really did take too many pictures whilst I was in London and just like yesterday there will be two blog posts today ( I know, I know I will learn to edit better soon ). If you have no idea what I’m rambling about you can check out my overload of pictures from my first day in London here and more here. When I decided I  going to stay in London for a few days I was completely unaware that Chelsea flower show was going to be on ( which I was a little sad about, I will definitely be going next year ) in fact I only realised once I turned a corner in Chelsea and was met by a rainbow of colours.


I can’t tell you how incredibly cold and gloomy it was for the end of May, in fact it was utterly depressing, I had to buy a pair of jeans before I could even start my day. But once my day started it was like seeing techno colour for the first time, one second everything is dark and grey and just a few steps away I was transported into the brightest of dreams.


All the colours and wonderful smells of blossom in air put a little spring in my step and a smile on my face. How wonderful would it be to have the brightest of flowers scattered all across the country all year round, those dark grey winter months wouldn’t be so unbearable.


I named him petey and I desperately wanted to keep him although I think he was a little big to sit on my shoulder.


The only thing I truly wanted to do in London was visit The Saatchi gallery and see The Rolling stones exhibitionism ( it’s what started this whole trip off ).


I absolutely couldn’t resist ( you will have to excuse the outfit, I had lots of pretty summer outfits planned unfortunately mother nature had other ideas and I had to piece together enough warm clothes for the day ).


You are not allowed to take pictures of the exhibition and that’s oo because I don’t want to spoil it for because if you haven’t already planned to go you need to put it on your summer to do list. By far one of the best exhibitions I have ever seen, you don’t even have to be a particular fan of the stones to love it. In fact I wasn’t a Rolling stones fan I just love anything to do with art and heard such wonderful things about the style of exhibition that I knew I had to see it. And boy it didn’t disappoint, each room was like an attack on the senses long gone are the stuffy rooms with display cabinets full of objects that have been badly lit. This has bought gallery shows to a whole other level and I hope to see many more with this new format in the future.


Enter a caption


I left the show if my head buzzing with blog ideas and a urge to super creative immediately.


I didn’t want to leave Chelseas beautifully lined streets, I just wanted to sit there, scribbling down ideas and sketching flowers all day.


Getting around town in style!


I spent a couple of hours wandering around the V & A getting lost in the beautiful surroundings only stopping for a light lunch. With my fill of culture and a tooth in need of something sweet I decided there was only one place to go to satisfy my truffle urges.


Before I knew it I was standing outside Harrods with my nose pressed against the window. Now where most women would be jumping from side to side with excitement about all the designer handbags, shoes and make up on the other side of the glass. I was ready to jump through the glass to get to the food halls, I swear all I think about is food.


I am a massive fan of good customer service which is hard to find these days, I can be a bit of a old man when it comes to bad service I regularly walk out of shops leaving stuff at the tills ( I’m pretty sure I get this from my grandmother ). And despite being dressed like a bag lady in all my crazy layers trying my hardest to keep warm, every single member of staff were lovely, polite and extremely attentive to my needs and wants.


Even the cellings are beautiful in Harrods.


My absolute favourite truffles in the whole wide world, I was a little naughty and bought enough to keep me going til my next trip to London in September. When they hand you several bags you know you have bought too many truffles, oops.


Can you blame me tho, look at just how perfect they look, in case you were wondering pink champagne is my favourite.


Arms filled with bags of food I finally found the make up counters and enjoyed all its pretty colours and picked up a few more treats ( well I am kind of on my holidays ). The best thing about spending too much money on food is that you can eat the evidence, I’m pretty sure I could eat the receipts too!


With my belly full of the most beautiful chocolates and with my bank account needing a little rest I headed back to my hotel for a quick workout and nap before an evening of Shakespeare.

Keep an eye out today for a second blog post to see what else I got up to on my trip.


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