Off with their heads!!


During my first day in London and after reading The queens fool on the train, visiting the tower of London was a must, unfortunately by lunch time the sunshine had disappeared and so did my hope in having a sunny break. At the moment I am reading Philippa Gregorys Tudor series and have become a little obsessed with King Henry the eighth and all things in the royal court. You all know just how much I love a good day dream so you can imagine how my mind went into overdrive the second I stepped foot within the castle walls. You can see what else I got up to on my first day here.


Although large in size nestled in the centre of hundreds of skyscrapers the tower of London looks tiny and slightly unimpressive.


Don’t worry there is a lot less rambling in this post, just lots of pictures so grab yourself some chocolate biscuits and take a peek and if you are anything like me then you will pretend to be a queen viewing your new home.


It’s only once you are inside that you feel the true size of the tower of london and realize just how big it truly is. I expected the crowds to be ridiculous but it was surprisingly quiet ( although I would hate to visit at the weekend ).


I giggled like a teenage boy when I saw this suit of armour, how many socks would it take to stuff that piece.


Although the blue sky had well and truly disappeared the moody cloudy sky added to the castles look. And I was free to day dream to my hearts content, I was Anne Boleyn imprisoned by Henry the eighth hoping to be rescued by a handsome prince ( I spend far too much time alone ).


Despite being in the centre of London once behind the castle walls you forget about all the hustle and bustle of the busy streets, it’s only when you see London’s towering buildings do you remember where you are.


The longest queue was to visit The crown jewels and they are certainly worth the wait, I had some serious jewellery envy, everything just twinkled like a thousand stars in a clear nights sky. I picked my favourite crown, you know for when some long lost relative appears and tells me in fact that I am a princess of some tiny little European country ( this is my favourite day dream while I’m at work, the secret service bursts into my office and tells me I have to go because my country needs me ).


I took some shameless selfies in front of every single London landmark ( all at arms length naturally )


You do get some stunning views from the river and even the sun wanted in on the action, it tried it’s hardest to shine through.


There are so many incredible views from inside the castle walls, the old with the new made London look even more beautiful than normal.


And of course I had to take a picture of the site where Queen Anne Boleyn lost her head ( I was probably a little more excited then I should have been! ).


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