Little girl, big city!


Last week I was lucky enough to spend a few days in London exploring, now I’ve been to London a million times but never as a tourist so I decided to have a mini break on my own to see the sites and recharge my batteries. I had no plan I was just going to see where the mood took me but if you read my blog regularly you will know there is two certainties, one cake will definitely be involved and 2, I will take far too many pictures and these two things definitely happened! In fact I took so many pictures that even after editing there will be two blog posts today for the, sorry but I did think it would be easier for both of us this way ( no excuses for falling asleep mid post now ). So grab yourself a pot of tea and curl up in your favourite spot and take peek.


Turns out this is what I look like on a 5am train, I got the earliest train possible I would like to say it was so I had the maximum amount of time in London but honestly it was so I could arrive at breakfast time, I have no shame when it comes to food. About 30 minutes outside London I popped in my contract lens to a few people making some oohs and aahs as I moved my nails closer to my eyeballs on the bumpy ride and applied some make up while balancing a compact mirror on my bag and trying not to stab myself with a kohl pencil.


I jumped off the train, dumped my bags at the hotel and decided to go on foot in search of breakfast. I had no plan but figured I would walk til I found somewhere that looked good.


One of my favourite things to do in cities is look up, cities look completely different upwards ( although make sure you a tucked away before doing so or else you will be in the middle of the stampede of angry commuters waving their phone in one hand and a hot triple espresso mocha latte cappuccino inset favourite syrup coffee thing in the other ).


You will have to excuse my lack of building knowledge, I saw so many beautiful buildings and sites that I can’t actually remember them all but I’m pretty positive this is the royal courts of justice. And I absolutely couldn’t resist taking pictures with such a beautiful blue sky as its background.


Before I knew it I was outside the national portrait gallery, by this point I definitely had neckache so decided to look around. Still pretty early ( must have been 8.30 ) so the square wasn’t covered in tourists and my head was safe from wandering selfie sticks. I’m all about a selfie but those sticks drive me crazy, now I know how a country feels when a plane enters their air space unannounced. My personal space doesn’t like being invaded by a mass of unstable metal poles.


Despite the prettiest of blue skies there was definitely a chill in the air, I had everything crossed that there would be sunshine for my break.


Arm length selfie!


After walking for a couple of hours I was starving ( you know I need to eat every hour to stay sane ) I eventually bought my eyes back down to street level and discovered I was in Soho and my stomach must have been leading the way because my nose was about 5 inches way from a cafe window. Welcome to Mojo juice bar and cafe ( I had lots of pictures of the interior, but I had to cut them out of this already too long post, but since its in Soho you already know it’s going to be fabulous.) My first meal of the trip and it was so delicious poached egg on avocado sourdough toast with dill, washed done with a iced almond milk latte. If you are staying in London this is absolutely a must visit breakfast spot, the staff are adorable and there’s no waiting for a table as it just has one massive communal table perfect for  lone traveller like myself.


I can’t believe I’m about to write this because once you read it, it’s out there and it makes it more true but I absolutely love the underground, not because it’s quick, cheap or the easiest way across town but because I like to stand next to the internal door ( not sure what they are actually called, but the doors between carriages ) open the little windows as far as possible, let my hair done and pretend I’m in some kind of action film ( usually die hard ) and the train is out of control and speeding along as my hair flies around in the warm wind ( there I’ve said it and you know it ). And I pretty much do this on every single underground trip, luckily Londoners are too busy to notice tourists and tourists are too busy making sure they don’t miss their stop to notice I’m playing out my own little action film. Next time you are on the underground you have to try it, it’s as much fun as it sounds pathetic.


I looked up again!


Now I absolutely know that I won’t be the only person who looks for death eaters while crossing millennium bridge or looking for James Bond speeding below on a boat.


No matter how much you browse the internet before visiting London there are just some things you will miss or not know about unless you just walk around london. While on my way to the Tate modern I discovered this borough food market under a bridge and even if I had found it online first I would probably have never found it. There was so many yummy things to try.


I couldn’t resist a sweet treat to keep me going.


The smells and the atmosphere was just so wonderful and it wasn’t overrun by tourists it was a little hidden treasure. I had never thought about visiting a borough market before but it will forever be in my top 10 things to do in London.



I continued to just walk around the city taking in the atmosphere and enjoying the sights and sounds as everybody else passed by me with purpose. I highly recommend that if you can squeeze in a extra day or half a day into your trip, do it and just explore the city.


You wouldn’t believe his was London at 4pm, weaving up and down side streets I felt like I was the only person in the city.


For all the ice cream I eat I have never tried frozen yogurt, dazed and confused from the pretty lights and bright colours of snog I found myself in a kind of trace that led me to the counter and frozen Greek yoghurt into my belly but not before a picture in the near perfect instagram interior ( I now have a freezer full of snog ).


Camden has to be my favourite London borough, I’ve had so many wonderful nights here with friends some I remember, some I don’t and some I pretend never happened. I absolutely could never visit London without spending some time exploring Camdens famous markets.


Camden is such a bright vibrant place with a absolutely wonderful atmosphere and some amazing people, the second you are in Camden you kinda loss yourself there is just so much going on and an absolute sea of people moving in several directions all at the same time. If you are not a fan of crowds this is definitely not a place for you, however if like me you are a fan of buying things that you absolutely don’t need then Camden is your borough.


Never one not to stop dead in front of a sexy piece of cake that takes my fancy, out the corner of my eye I noticed some cakes teasing me from behind the safety of their glass box and I discovered Miss poppy cakes just as she was closing ( don’t worry this story has a happy ending ). I must have looked heartbroken with my little nose pressed against the window because a lovely lady popped her head out of a side door and invited me in for a slice of cake.


I need flamingo wallpaper in my house immediately!


This cake was so light and fluffy with a pastry base and packed full of berries.


With a belly full of cake and a urge to take in as much of the city as humanly possible I decided to do a little more walking, my legs took me to Regents park just as the sun started to set bathing everything in a beautiful golden light.


I was totally in awe of London park life, there must have been at least 20 games of sport or exercise going on in each field all in harmony with each other, while joggers run around them and families enjoyed their dinners outdoors. Dogs chased shadows, dads were flying model planes with their children and couples enjoyed sneaking kisses in the last of the days warmth. I’m such a big lover of my local park and am always disappointed about how empty it seems to be.


I headed back to my hotel pretty early for city life but past my normal bed time, exhausted, full bellied and extremely excited for a another adventure.


Don’t forget there is a second blog post today at 6pm, I told you I have a picture taking problem! Hope you enjoyed visiting London with me.


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