Fitness // 017


This week I have still been off work so my routine is still all over the place and I’ve tried my hardest to continue to eat well and fit in exercise where I can, although it has been hard. Yesterday was my weigh day and I’m meant to be maintaining my weight ( strict orders from my doctor ) unfortunately I have lost 2lbs which is a little upsetting as I’ve been trying really hard to eat more.

This week I have tried my hardest to ignore other people’s negative comments about my body and lifestyle, I’m extremely proud of myself as are my friends and family so whatever other people think about me is none of my business because it says more about them then me. It is hard and does upset me but body shaming is not ok, ever!! And on a more positive note I’m very very excited to tell you that I am now writing fitness and self care blog posts for Love from magazine’s blog, you can see my first post here . I’m very excited for this new adventure and hope you go and have a look, let me know what you think in the comments.

Glorious, glorious exercise!


After being away so much last week then the bank holiday I felt like my normal workout routine had suffered a lot, luckily this week I have just thrown back into and in fact I have been more excited and had more energy to work harder ( it’s safe to say my body definitely needed the rest ). I’m back in the full swing of Grit which I’m still absolutely loving, I can’t tell you how much it’s changed my arms and stomach.


With the weather being absolutely beautiful and me being off work I have been spending a lot of time outdoors hiking, I have clocked up some serious miles which has been a welcomed change from being stuck inside a hot gym and now it’s lighter a lot longer in the evenings I’m hoping once I go back to work next week that my long walks can continue. Plus Dave loves the super long walk, now when he sees my backpack he goes absolutely crazy and waits next to the front door.


Dave the dog!

Glorious food!


I love when my plate looks super colourful, I used to just eat beige foods, now the thought of anything fried turns my stomach and I pull a face. Now food is more of a occasion and instead of just stuffing myself for the sack of it I am more conscious of where it’s come from, how it’s grown and what vitamins does it have. Food is the fuel that keeps my body strong and well.


Because I’m now trying to maintain my weight instead of losing pounds there has been some serious cake eating. I need to eat on average 3000 calories a day because of the amount of exercise I do, cutting back on the exercise to me isn’t a option so unfortunately I just have to eat a LOT more cake and ice cream ( although my dentist isn’t very happy ).


Goals for next week!

1. Drink more water!
2. Try doing some more exercise outside!
3. Try a new gym class.
4. Have less sweet treats!


Those glorious feelings!

This week I feel absolutely amazing thanks to the combination of rest and spending more time outside, clearly what my body needed. I am still waiting for doctors appointments about the mental side of weight loss, I’m trying my hardest to be kinder on myself and see myself in a more positive way I have come so far and I tend to forget that and just focus and how far I’ve got left to go.  Although I’m not in the least bit excited about going back to work next week I am excited about getting back into my normal routine and working on maintaining my weight and building some muscle.



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