More happy little things I May


“Happiness will never come to those who fail to appreciate what they already have. ” Unknown

Part two of all the wonderful little things that made me ridiculously happy in May. You can take a peek at part one here, and remember it only takes one tiny little thing or a special little moment every single day to change your whole world.


I was sorting through some old boxes and found some of my old uni art projects, I made a hot chocolate and sat on the floor for hours looking at all my old pieces of art work I studied fine art and photography at university ). I had forgot about so much of it and am now making a mood board so I can see them daily and add my new art to the collection, it was a wonderful trip down memory lane.

Sometimes I want to just curl up on my sofa in a big fluffy blanket eating chocolate and not just any chocolate but Chocolate baby chocolate ( I just wrote chocolates one too many times ). And can you blame me when they are this cute. For lots more cuteness check out there super cute shop and blog here.

The ice cream man is a national treasure! He has a cute van that plays sweet music and practically delivers ice cream to your doorstep, I swear I can hear the vans tune in a three mile radius. The second I hear it I put my money next to the front door and just wait ready to dive out the door and beat all the kids to the front of the queue ( all’s fair in love and ice cream after all ).

This isn’t about vanity it is just a nice little confidence boost, I really struggle with the way I look ( I would change everything about the way I look ). So when I take a selfie that I like, it makes me feel a little better about myself and there is nothing wrong with that.


For all the abuse I get for my nails I absolutely love them, they feel like a little treat to myself ( I might also like freaking people out sometimes by taking out my contract lens in front of them, there is something very wrong with me ). These are my favourite nails of May, they make me feel already for summer and go with all my new summer wardrobe.

Recently I have been making a real effort to self care, my life is moving so incredibly quickly that once a week I need a couple of hours to myself with no phone or any technology at all and just relax and forget about the outside world for a little while. See how I like to self care and look after my mental health here.

Being a big kid at the seaside makes me so so happy, what’s not to love about building sandcastles and eating ice cream.

I recently went london for a few days ( blog posts coming soon ) the trip all started with wanting to see the The Rolling stones exhibition at The Saatchi gallery and it didn’t disappoint. In fact it was one of the best exhibitions I have never seen, it has given me so many ideas ( don’t worry I’m not starting my own rock band ). I insist that if you live in the UK then you need to get your cute butt there because it’s definitely worth a trip, im hoping to go again before it finishes.


While in London I visited Highgate cemetery ( despite being blonde and wearing a lot of pink I love everything creepy ). This is my second visit to the cemetery, it opened during the Victorian period and is absolutely stunning with a colourful history.

Hummingbird bakery rainbow cake, enough said!!!!!! ( I miss that cake so so much )

After a lot of cake and three days rest from my normal gym routine I was itching to get back to the gym and do a super long workout. I no longer workout to lose weight I workout to make myself feel good and when I feel good I love life so much more. I feel so incredibly strong and fit, I’m amazed every day by what my body can do now.

I have just discovered Love from magazine, I love it so much that  contacted the editor and will be doing some work for me ( I will keep you updated on this ). I am so incredibly excited, when I started this blog I wasn’t sure if anyone would even look at it and now I will be writing for someone else too, I am a little proud of myself and extremely excited about the future.


Nothing beats a spring walk in a English garden ( we definitely have the world’s best gardens ). The colours and smells send me into a sensory overdrive and I just want to stick my nose in everything and touch all the beautiful flowers.

A bank holiday walk with my friend Sarah, it has been far too long since we had a good catch up so we decided to walk 22 miles for ice cream which gave us a whole eight hours to catch up. We talked and talked the whole time catching up on boys, work and family. I absolutely love Sarah she is such a wonderful person and I’m very happy that she’s my friend.

I now have more gym clothes than everyday clothes ( something I never thought I would say ) and I get so excited when I get new ones. The old me wouldn’t even recognize this me!

Me and Jamie have only seen each other a couple of times in May because we are both off chasing our dreams, I adore how supportive we are of each other and I am filled with so much pride when I open a magazine and see pictures of him living his dream. I couldn’t have achieved all I have this year without his support and love.



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