Ice cream with my papa bear


One of absolute favourite days out is eating ice cream with my daddy at the seaside and last week that’s just what I got to do. My dad is rather ill and its hard for him to be out for long and he can’t walk much anymore which makes these days ten times more special although he tries his hardest. I’m sure your thinking right now no one can love ice cream as much as you Emma, well my dad does! I’m pretty sure I got my obsession with eating cake for breakfast from my dad. Can you imagine how wonderful our home was when we could eat whatever we wanted for breakfast. We climbed into my car and headed to one of our favourite seaside towns and before we knew it we were in Southport.

No one loves his children more than my dad, although no one in my family hugs or talks about feelings, we never tell each other we love each other or show any obvious signs of affection ( family’s that hug still freak me out a bit, I need so much therapy ). We show our love in different ways, ways only we know about and can see its a bit like a secret family handshake. We enjoyed a fish and chip lunch at a cafe we have been going to for the last 30 years, its in my top three chippys ( when you love food as much as I do you have top three everything and anything to do with food) and for the first time ever I reached over and took a chip off my dad’s plate, I have never ever taken food off my dad’s plate ( I was in shock ) I have never ever turned his tv over while he’s in been in the house ( not even as a kid ). I don’t know what I thought would happen but nothing happened, now the flood gates have been opened and his food is no longer safe when I’m around. Although I do enjoy doing my food shopping in his house, I swear I always leave with at least two bags full of groceries.

We found a pretty little spot to sit and rest and for me to off load on him, I grew up with my dad so after being a 13 year old girl and having to ask my dad to buy me tampons and bras there’s pretty much nothing I can’t talk to him about. Not to mention the number of times he’s held my hair back after one too many drinks, nursed me better after sickness and sat up with me crying after heartbreaks. Sometimes now I just tell him things to try and shock him ( it never works the man is unshockable ). We sat there for three hours while I just talked and talked only stopping for our hourly trip to the ice cream van.

I hope im lucky enough to have a lot more years and trips to the seaside with my dad, I absolutely couldn’t imagine my world without him in it. I would have no one to tell me ” that’s the stupidest idea you have ever had Emma, good luck ” or embarrass me in public because he’s my dad and that’s his job.


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