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I’m about to let you in on a little secret that you are going to want to tell everyone about, are you ready?! Sportswear doesn’t have to be expensive to be supportive, breathable, comfortable, hardworking and stylish! Spending a ridiculous amount of money will not make you fitter, stronger or more motivated. In fact there is only one label I will wear to workout in and that’s F&F active at Tesco and if you haven’t discovered their range yet I insist you march your cute little bottom to your local store and get familiar with it because it will change the world of sportswear.


If you follow me on Instagram you will know I’m a little obsessed with fitness and working out, when I started I was seven stone heavier so as you can imagine I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on sportswear half thinking I’m probably going to give up and half hoping it wouldn’t last me long before it was to big. Luckily it was the latter and in the last year I have gone through five dress sizes, could you imagine the cost if I kept buying sport named brands. Pretty early on I discovered F&F active range and have never looked back.


One problem I found with some sports brands is that I don’t have with F&F clothing is the waist fit, my workout mainly consists of jumping around and nothing messes up my workout more then having to keep stopping to pull up my bottoms or pull down my top, a problem I no longer have. This outfit fits like a glove that hugs to all the right bits of my body and the waist is slightly higher than most other leggings so there is definitely no chance of them moving anywhere.


// Aztec print capris // Aztec print racerback vest //


My favourite part of the Aztec print wear is the sheer panel at the back of the top. I got so compliments many  from other gym members about this outfit and how good it looked ( not going to lie it gave me a rather big confidence boost ).


As much as I love my time in the gym I equally love running outside, even more so now the warmer wear is here.


This top has a built in sports bra and not just one that’s all show, not that I have much boob to worry about but what I do have didn’t move a cm during my run ( in fact it was slightly more supportive than my normal sports bra ). This outfit has also made it into my running around meeting friend for brunch rotation of outfits as well, honestly I feel super supported in these yet next to my skin they feel like my favourite set of pjs.


I love the sheer panels at the bottom of these leggings they keep me well covered but cool at the same time. Both these outfits together cost the same as one top from some brands!! Making the range more than affordable and allowing you to have a different stylish look for each workout session. I now have more workout clothes then everyday clothes ( something I never thought I would say ) and I’m already excited for next sessions colours and patterns, fingers crossed they are just as colourful.


  // Contrast Panel Space Dye Leggings // Racerback cut out vest //

Happy shopping!


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