May favourites


I thought I would do a little round up of some of my favourite products in May. Some of these are really old but I am only just discovering them which make them shiny and new to me. Here are some of things I have been utterly obsessed with in May. Not surprisingly I’m loving a lot of sweet treats ( let’s face it, it’s me and I love food ).


I could never do a monthly favourites post without including Chocolate baby and just when I thought they couldn’t get any cuter this happened!!  And suddenly chocolate just got a hell of a lot cuter, not just cuter but the products are now changing monthly and I’m already incredibly excited for next month’s cuteness. I wish I could say I saved them and enjoyed them, but I ate this month’s box in record speed, once I tasted the first bite I stuffed the whole lot on like a woman possessed.


I find mascara one of the hardest pieces of make up to shop for, my lashes are super long but not very thick and most mascaras make them look thinner. Then I discovered Maybellines, the colossal volume express mascara and all of a sudden mascara shopping just got a lot easier.


I am utterly obsessed with My little box subscription box, this month’s box was Rome themed. You can take a little peek in my box here ( tee hee )


The first of two cafe de bain products on my list, after discovering these last month I am utterly obsessed with smelling like cake.


If you are a blogger or just interested in blogging then Love from magazine is definitely for you, a pretty new lifestyle magazine made by bloggers. This is my first issue but certainly won’t be my last, it’s a wonderful magazine and worthy of some real support as its just starting out. I have everything crossed that one day I might make the front cover ( new goal alert ).


If you ever wondered what heaven tasted like while you can find out, Charbonnel et Walker truffles are a gift from the gods and now the only thing in the whole wide world I ever want to eat. All I want for my birthday is these truffles, I want them all the time.


This dress from Bhs is a perfect addition to any summer wardrobe ( and still available in store ). I will be so upset if we lose BHS off our high street ( all of a sudden I feel my age ). I urge everyone in the UK to head to their local store because you will be surprised, it’s no longer the place our parents and grandparents shopped, they have beautiful clothing for all ages. And the quality is amazing for the price, best value for money on the high street by far.


I am such a zoella girl fan and have been very excited about the launch of her new range that I decided to revisit some of her older products. My favourite being her bath fizzer now if you watch her vlogs you will know she is obsessed with lush so I never question how amazing her bath products are because she certainly has good taste.


How adorable are these primark pumps and an absolute steal at only £4, so cheap in fact I bought every colour and pattern that they had. Between running round doing jobs, going the gym, walking Dave and chasing the bunnies around the garden I don’t really get chance to wear heels anymore but sensible shoes don’t need to be boring and these are cute enough to pair with summer dresses.


Maybelline super stay 24 lip colour is now the only lip colour I will ever wear again! By far the best lipstick for all day wear, now being new to the world of make up the idea of liquid lip colour put the fear of God into me. But it was easy to apply and comes in the prettiest of shade my favourite being feisty fuchsia pretty and bright the perfect look for summer.


While I was in London last week, walking the streets at midnight trying to satisfy my sweet tooth. I discovered snog! Can you believe I have never tried frozen Greek yoghurt ( I know, I swear sometimes it’s like living under a rock ). Back home and missing my midnight fix I decided to check out frozen yoghurt in my local supermarket and nearly did a little wee when I saw you can buy tubs of song, now midnight yoghurt attack can happen every night.


The second cafe de bain product in my favourites list, I’m slightly obsessed with smelling like cake. Honestly if you haven’t tried this products yet run down to your local superdrug and stock up on them because they make bath time such a delicious time. My bathroom products are taking over the house, I just love creating an atmosphere in my bathroom in the evening and relaxing in the sweet smells, think I should have been a mermaid.


I wish I had a better picture of this top because honestly this doesn’t give it justice, from New look and only £12.99 it is perfect for throwing on with a pair of skinny jeans and running around town.

What have you been loving in May?


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