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If you read my blog regularly, specifically my fitness posts you will know that since losing weight I have been struggling a lot with the mental side of weight loss, turns out being smaller doesn’t equal happiness ( who knew!!! ). So at the start of last week I had a doctor’s appointment to discuss it which you can read about¬†here. I have to admit when I went I thought I wouldn’t be taken seriously and when my doctor said she would look into treatments and phone me I didn’t have much faith. But luckily I found an amazing doctor who has a few treatments to try and I am now waiting for some appointments. All week I have been deciding whether or not to share with you my treatments when they happen, I feel this is one of those things that I have to either not share or over share. I have decided to over share because when I started my fitness journey I wanted to talk about the truth about getting fit, I never ever wanted to be posting pictures of cakes and abs without the struggles.

And with spending most of my life overweight and feeling very isolated with people telling me that the key to losing weight is to just stop eating food, well if you have ever been overweight then you know it’s not that easy. I know that losing weight is hard and keeping it off is harder.

Glorious, glorious exercise!


My workout sessions have been a bit all over the place in the last week, I started the week resting as I hit a brick wall and desperately needed a few days off. Then I spent the second half of my week in London and I tried to exercise but I didn’t manage as much as I would normally do. But over the week I did manage five sessions ( I know five is more than enough but I’m used to working out in double figures ). The worst certainly hasn’t hurt me and to be honest my body truly needed it but now I’m ready to get back in the gym and work harder than ever!

Glorious food!


Now I’m not allowed to lose any more weight ( doctors orders ) and I don’t want to stop exercising as much, so now food is more important than ever, at the same time I don’t want to gain any weight either. Knowing I was going london and knowing I was going to eat a lot of cake I started the week making sure I was eating super healthy.


I have indulged in some serious sweet treats this week and that’s ok, I have been in cake heaven!! I couldn’t visit London without stopping at hummingbird bakery, ¬†and thank goodness I don’t live near London because it would be a weekly event! Now I’m back home tho the treats are off the menu for a few days. Well nearly all treats, while I was there I discovered song frozen Greek yoghurt and now I’m addicted! Luckily for me my local supermarket sell it and I now have a freezer full.


Goals for next week!

1. Eat a lot fewer treats!!
2. Run a little further!
3. Maintain weight!!
4. Try a new gym class.


Those glorious feelings!

I feel bit gross this week, exercising makes me feel incredible and full of energy so when I don’t get to exercise as much I feel sluggish and tired. Exercise for me isn’t about losing weight it’s about feeling strong and powerful. Although my body needed the rest I am refreshed and mentally in a better position to keep going. Now I’m ready to throw myself into some serious training sessions and push my body in new ways.



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