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“Too often in life, something happens and we blame other people for us not being happy or satisfied or fulfilled. So the point is, we all have choices, and we make the choice to accept people or situations or to not accept situations. ” Tom Brady

I’m so a firm believer in finding happiness in everyday life, in a world were we are always waiting for the weekend, summer, holidays or some miracle that will apparently make all our problems disappear. We should stop and look for smaller joys, those little moments in the everyday life that make us stop, smile or even giggle. Here is a little happiness from each day through the first half of May.


At least once a month me and my brother like to have a cinema night and its something I honestly look forward to we are both a little geeky when it comes to movies, we spend most of January watching all the years trailers planning out what and where we are going to watch each movie. We have really similar tastes in films and October is definitely our favourite month because of all the horror films that come out. We over order on snacks which like every good movie watcher knows, need to be eaten before the movie has even started. This month we went and watched The jungle book and although it was amazing I was slightly disappointed I wanted it to be fun and carefree like they cartoon which it definitely wasn’t.

I discovered Cholmondeley castle gardens, I have been meaning to go for years now but never got round to it finally I went with a few spare hours and I have been missing out. It was truly adorable and only 20 mins from my house. It’s safe to say it’s now on my list of poo laces to picnic if only it would stop raining for long enough to get a sandwich out.

I know I keep banging on about Grit but it’s honestly amazing once you get through that I’ve been hit my a train carrying a boat feeling. For me exercise isn’t about losing weight it’s about feeling strong and seeing my body develop, grit has helped that massively, now I can lift heavier weights and do push ups, I don’t feel so energetic on days that I don’t do it.

For those of you that follow me on instagram you will know I am utterly obsessed with breakfast, maybe because eating a healthy balanced breakfast makes me feel like a real adult or the fact that eggs are amazing.


New clothes in a smaller size made me very happy this month, I feel like a pretty girl now. When you are overweight the range of clothes designed for you are pretty ugly and the nice ones are pretty limited. Now I can go into a shop and not be embarrassed by the shop assistance telling me that they don’t stock sizes that big. I know it’s not about the size of your clothes but when you have been so big for so long it’s hard not to think about it.

By now you will know Jamie is away a lot fishing and chasing his dreams he works so incredibly hard and this month he has caught three carps ( this is a lot in the world of carp fishing ). It makes me so proud of him knowing that his hard work is paying off, we are definitely each other’s biggest fans and I love listening to his stories when he gets home.

In a weird way mist over the sea made me happy in May there was something so strange about seeing a thick mist roll in over the sea.

Afternoon tea, enough said!!


Spending the day acting like a child at Chester zoo I don’t know if it was Jamie’s monkey noises or all the ice cream I ate but the day was absolutely perfect and could be my favourite day this year, not to mention all the super cute baby animals.

When you take a picture and you both just look so incredibly happy, I absolutely love this picture of us and am currently looking for a pretty frame to put it up in our home. Jamie is my absolute world and even when he’s not around he can make me smile like no one else.

Tulips are the prettiest of all the flowers, I love spring and having my home filled with them ( naturally I colour code them to the room ).

Although I work in a office with air conditioning as soon as the sun starts shining I have my lunch outside enjoying the warmth of the sun. Nothing improves your mood quicker then a bit of sunshine ( well maybe bringing me cake ).


I never win competitions so imagine how happy I was when I won some perfume on instagram. I didn’t know when it would be arriving so after a long boring day at work it was a lovely surprise to come home and find it waiting for me.

Dave’s adorable face is enough to make the world happy!

My little beauty box subscription box, I still can’t believe it took me so long to sign up to a subscription box. It is literally like Christmas coming every month, you have no idea what the theme will be or what treats lay inside the pretty packaging. Finding new products is fun and allows you to experiment in a non expensive way.

For absolute years I hated Nutella then earlier in the month I really craved some so tried it again and now I’m absolutely hooked on the stuff. I have it on everything with everything it stops my chocolate craving with just a little teaspoon full.

What little happy moments have you had this month?



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