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I love writing currently posts and sharing all the things I loving at the moment, new and old. Here are some of things that I’m currently loving and enjoying, amazingly they are not all food ( I know I’m shocked too ). Why not drop a comment below and tell me about all the things you are currently loving at the moment as well.


Reading // Her fearful symmetry, Audrey Niffenegger. I absolutely love this book in fact I love all of Niffenegger’s work and this book is one of the reasons why I am visiting London next week ( which I’m super excited about ).


Eating // It would seem that my cake obsession has been overtaken by a ice cream obsession, I just can’t get enough of the white stuff. And the best thing is its particularly delivered to your door step, thank you Mr ice cream man.


Enjoying // Finding a few hours every week to self care, recently I have been exhausted running around doing jobs and chores it honestly felt like I had hit a brick wall so I decided to dedicate a few hours every week to looking after myself body and mind and it has just been exactly what I needed. After just a few hours to myself I feel like a new woman.


Drinking // A big mug of hot chocolate every night before bed, I have been craving chocolate a lot recently and just one mug of chocolate a day keeps me from diving head first into a family sized bar of chocolate.


Exercising // I am utterly obsessed with Les Mills Grit, I would go as far as saying it is the most incredible exercise class I have ever done. After only a couple of weeks my body has changed so much that I hardly recognise it anymore.


Wearing // Lots of pretty dresses, I went on a crazy shopping spree to buy clothes in my actual size and all I returned with was lots of pretty dresses. Now I feel like a princess every day.


Loving // The sunshine, although it’s not really been cold it’s been so wet and it seems that summer is almost here with bouts of rain getting less and the sunshine staying slightly longer.


Visiting // My papa bear bought me and Jamie a yearly pass to Chester zoo which we are absolutely loving, we only live 30 minutes so it’s a perfect way to spend a few hours while working on animal impressions.


Relaxing // At the seaside, I have been lucky enough to be able to spend a few weeks beside the sea recently which I’m so thankful for. I love being at the seaside the ocean relaxes me, the air is so fresh and there is an endless supply of ice cream. Hopefully I will get lots more weekends away this year to unwind.


Feeling // Very confused right now, when I started my fitness challenge I automatically assumed that once I dropped some weight that I would feel amazing, unfortunately this isn’t the case. Although I am now a size 10 bottom and a size 8 top I still feel fat, luckily I have a fantastic GP who is trying to help my mental health catch up with my physical health. I have a long way to go but I’m hoping to love my body soon.


Needing // More time with Jamie, we are in need of a holiday without any technology, at the moment we are spending weeks apart while we both go after our dreams which is incredible I absolutely couldn’t have asked for a more loving, supportive partner but I would love a weekend away with him right now I would settle for a night on the sofa watching some awful film he’s picked together. But I’m so proud of him, he works so hard and its wonderful to watch him go from strength to strength.


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