Cookie monster


I am about to change your life on a monthly basis! Forget subscription boxes full of make up and beauty bits and imagine a monthly box that has no subscription and is full of the most delicious, adorable looking chocolate that you have ever seen. You can absolutely thank me now because you are about to fall down the rabbit hole into a wonderland where you can nap after enjoying some seriously tasty chocolate. Most impressively I’m not talking about some massive multimillion pound company I’m talking about one woman ( she actually might be wonder woman ) on a mission to make the world a little sweeter.


I  am such a fan of chocolate baby it’s absolutely worth a little extra time in the gym for and as if they weren’t already fabulous they have had a little make over, you can see all their wonderful changes here . I am most looking forward to reading their blog and getting some serious chocolate inspiration.


How amazingly adorable are these ” smiling cookie ” sugar cookies?! This is chocolate baby’s first monthly box and is wonderfully named cookie monster and has enough cookie treats to satisfy the most crazed of cookie monsters. These were almost too cute to eat, almost! They did give a good fight tho as I saved them til last and imagined them screaming as I nibbled around their eyes ( I might have some issues ).


White chocolate bark with cookie crisp cereal and milk chocolate chips, I ate most of this before I had even taken any pictures.


Solid chocolate jumbo cookies, I had one in each hand taking it in turns to have a bite from each one trying to decide which I preferred, it was a tough job but someone had to do it. Unfortunately I am still undecided maybe I need some more to make sure.


These chocolate covered cookies are to die for, you bite into a hard chocolate shell to find the tastiest of cookies in the centre, I felt very naughty eating them ( although it didn’t stop me ) and despite knowing I was home alone my eyes were scanning around just to make sure no one was watching.

I have no doubt in my mind that you are now sat there thinking ” Emma I need this in my life ” and I couldn’t agree more with you, you absolutely do need this box of heaven in your life and you can get it right here! I had them in my house less then 24 hours before Jamie came home to me lay down surrounded by pretty wrapping and chocolate on my cheek, sharing is absolutely optional.

To see more of chocolate baby’s amazing chocolate treats you can go and have a sneak peek at their facebook page. I already have my eye on the s’mores brownie, this is going to a long month of waiting.


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