Giraffing around


Me and Jamie rarely get time together as we are both off following our dreams, luckily we are seriously each other’s biggest fans and push each other to work hard and stay focused but recently it’s been ridiculous, going weeks at a time without seeing each other. After 15 days apart we had a day together before he had to go again for another seven days so we wanted to make the most of our time together and the sunshine we headed off to be big kids for the day at Chester zoo.


I am going to keep my ramblings to a minimum because there are so many pictures so I suggest you grab some chocolate and a pot of tea, get comfy in your favourite chair and settle down for a while.


I absolutely adore Chester zoo the second I’m in I revert back to being 5 years old running from animal to animal and crying out wow. Chester zoo is one of only a few zoos in the world I will visit and over the years I have walked out of lots of zoos. As amazing as it is to see all these wonderful animals I feel that their wellbeing is the most important thing and certainly would never give money to a company who put the customer before the animal.



This guy seriously makes my heart skip a beat, we are so lucky to have been friends first, now he’s my bestest friend in the whole world and the only person ever who can make me laugh til I literally hurt.


When I thought BHS might actually have closed it broke my heart, in the last year I have seriously fell in love with there clothes ( not something I ever thought I would say, but it’s true ) and if you aren’t using your local store you should really go take a peek because I guarantee you will be surprised. I bought this dress last weekend in the sale for £16 an absolute steal because seriously it is beautifully made and wouldn’t be out of place in a laura Ashley store.



You can’t really tell from the picture but this orangutan was absolutely hugh, like monstrously big ( it freaked me out a little ) I must have stayed fixated on him for a good twenty minutes, the whole time the king of the swingers from the jungle book was on a loop in my head.


Jamie the tiger!


You seriously can not take a fisherman anywhere there is water because they will do their best to embarrass you!! WP_20160515_8032

Can you spot the bear?


Look it’s Jamie’s twin!! One thing I learnt while at the zoo is that Jamie can do the most impressive and loudest chimpanzee impression ( apparently he practices it a lot ). It had me rolling on the floor laughing because he has a face he pulls like doing it, I tried to take a picture but I couldn’t hold my camera steady from laughing.


My new favourite dress again ( I told you I loved it ) I teamed it up with some grey pumps and before I knew it I thought I was an extra on grease.  WP_20160515_4905

Giraffes are quickly becoming from favourite elephant ( sorry elephants ). And is it any wonder when the babies look this cute, I wonder if I put a pair of sunglasses and a trench coat on him anyone would notice us walking out of the zoo.


Just grafting around!


Are you looking at me!


You made it too the end, sorry I promise I will eventually become better at editing the number of pictures I post but I just get so excited and want them share them with you. I hope you enjoyed all the cute little animals and a look in to how me and Jamie spend our together, if only we had more. But I don’t mind so much because the time we do get together is absolutely wonderful and fun.


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  1. May 19, 2016 / 5:33 pm

    You guys are the cutest!!! Love this for a date day. And that dress is divine, can’t believe it’s a BhS-er! Excellent shopping.

    Thanks for making me smile today, the orangutans are always my favourite so glad they got a shout out!
    M x

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