Self care Sunday // 005


Wow I’ve managed two self care Sunday’s in a row now and I can’t tell you just how much I have needed them. I know some of you are probably thinking ” but your so happy why do you need to self care” and I am ridiculously happy to the point that sometimes I make myself sick with all my gushing.

I self care because by Sunday evenings I am so exhausted I could just fall down. I have ( after a few fairly big bumps a long the way ) found my happiness and a good life balance, I am truly blessed to have the life I do. But it’s hard work like all good things, I’m up at 430 every morning to see to Dave and go the gym then I work all day in a 9-5 job followed by usually the gym again and taking Dave for another walk. And if that wasn’t enough I then cook and clean and in general look after my home while writing this wonderful blog and spending days out and weekends away. Please do not think I am complaining because I absolutely love my life and how busy it is, I wouldn’t change a single thing in it ( maybe I’d have a flatter tummy but I love cake far too much ). But come Sunday evening time I am ready for just a few hours to myself if only to reflect and be thankful for the week that’s pasted. A few hours with no noise, no phone in fact no technology at all.

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Recently I have been spending a lot of time beside the sea with family and friends and couldn’t think of a better way of spending some alone time then laying down and listening to the sea. Staring at the sea gives me such a relaxing feeling, it lets all my worries and problems just melt away. Because when you are staring out at such a vast powerful beauty everything else seems so small and unimportant. I must have sat next to the sea for about three hours just listening to the sound of the waves hitting the beach and reflecting back over the week and all the moments that had made me happy.

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Have you self cared recently? I absolutely demand ( in my most diva like voice ) that you find a couple of hours in the next week to spend time doing what you love alone. I promise you will thank me, it will give you a new found energy to face the weeks challenges and generally make you feel more relaxed because let’s face it when you are exhausted you can’t give a 100% to anything. So turn your phone off, shut the door and relax even if it’s just dancing around your house in your pants or going for a walk. Because nothing is more important than your mental health, you can thank me later.

Don’t forget to let me know how you spent your self care hours.

Happy Sunday.


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