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The most wonderful thing happened to me this week diet to go named me in their top 100 inspirational weight loss bloggers. This absolutely made my week, I couldn’t ever imagine not writing this blog now and I worry all the time that no one actually ever reads it but someone read it and wrote a lovely piece about it ( made me cry a little ). This has been a long, hard emotional road for me but I absolutely know I could never have got to this point without other people’s encouragement specially on social media. I just wanted to say a big thank you to everybody that reads it because without you my world would be a little less happier. You can read the full list here .



When I started my healthy living lifestyle I never thought that people would try and body shame me more for being fit and healthy than when I was at my biggest. I can’t stress enough how making any negative comments about a person’s appearance is body shaming. I also can’t stress enough how disgusting it is, what you say to a person can really affect them in negatives ways. I’m constantly being told now that I’m too skinny and its not attractive, I’m not skinny I am slim and more importantly I am strong and fit. My personal favourite is being told on  daily basis that no man would find me attractive at this weight! For starters Jamie is my world and for seconds luckily I’m doing this for me not anybody else. Ok rant over!

Glorious, glorious exercise!


This week I have thrown myself into working out, and I’ve worked hard even while away. You don’t need a fancy gym or fancy workout clothes to get fit just a pair of trainers, over the weekend I started each day with a run along the beach and ended each day with a big long walk and hill running. I couldn’t think of anything worse then just sitting there with a belly full of cake so I just moved.

The second I returned home I was back in the gym and back hitting grit classes hard. I have been doing Les Mills Grit and in just two weeks I have already noticed my body changing specially around my arms. I love grit but I am missing my daily run, there’s just so many different kinds of exercises that I love doing and just not enough time, I’m working hard on trying to find a good balance. I have been looking at going on a yoga retreat in September, yoga is definitely my favourite form of exercise although I have noticed since starting grit my muscles have become a lot tighter and I’m finding yoga a lot harder, hopefully it will get easier again.

Glorious food!



As always I’ve been eating lots and lots of veggies and eggs, and still no meat. I only really eat soup for dinner ( do you eat soup or drink it? ) I am definitely a breakfast eater and as the day goes on I eat less and less, I probably eat the bulk of my food by 3pm mainly because I do such an intense workout in the morning.


At the weekend I had lots of sweet treats which is ok, I had a girls weekend away and I had planned on lots of cake ( more cake than I actually ate ). Because the trip was planned I was able to alter my diet before and after as well as doing a few gym classes to make allowances for it. I really really love cake, as soon as I got home I was back on the vegetables, still very much craving cake me but managing to stay strong.

Goals for next week!

1. Try a new class at the gym.
2. Drink more water!
3. Run a little longer.
4. Try and have few sweet treats!


Those glorious feelings!

This week I feel absolutely amazing partly due to the fact that I started the week with a full on shopping spree for lots of new clothes and not just any new clothes but size 10 clothes. Being overweight my entire life I can’t tell you just what an amazing feeling it was, in fact there was a lot of tears in one changing room as I zipped up a size 10 dress. Even when I started this new life I never imaged in my wildest dreams that I could ever be a size 10. Over the years I’ve yoyo directed from size 20 to size 12 about four times always just giving up but no more, I’ve thrown all my fat clothes away so no I have no choice but to keep going.

Mentally I am in such a wonderful place I’m starting to feel comfortable in my own skin although I still have some anxiety about the way I look ( I have a doctor’s appointment on Monday to discuss this ) I still have a long way to go but I’m so much closer than I was six months ago.



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  1. May 14, 2016 / 2:18 pm

    Congratulations on being mentioned as an inspirational weight loss blogger; that’s a huge achievement Emma 🙂 it’s nice to receive a little recognition, especially seeing as you have come such a long way and put in so much effort. I’ve just had a neighbour contact me for the recipe of your nutella banana loaf that I made a couple of weeks ago; you’re famous State side! Hehe.
    That slice of sponge cake looks perfect; just the right amount of buttercream too 🙂 Hope it was delicious. Enjoy the weekend, take care <3

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