Afternoon tea & sea views


On the Sunday we had afternoon tea booked, knowing that I was going to overeat ( let’s face it when cakes involved, I’m definitely going to overeat ) I decided to spend the morning working out and get myself moving. Lucie and teddy joined me for a pre cake workout and to fill our lungs with some fresh sea air.


Still extremely overcast and raining we didn’t let it stop us exploring even I kept shouting ” my hair, my hair” well I didn’t want frizzy hair for afternoon tea. Granted it was slightly warmer than the day before ( slightly ). And of course Jamie text me every hour to let me know how hot and sunny it was back home ( gotta love him ).


How adorable is teddy?!


I did some garden spying!


We had the whole beach to ourselves expert for one man and his dog who teddy wanted to play with, really wanted to play with!


Early morning swim in the north sea ( he’s a lot bravier than me ).


I bought this dress specially for the weekend and I’m in love, I grabbed it in size 12 and a size 10 in hope it might fit, size 12 was far too big so as I zipped the size 10 up with my eyes closed and whispering a prayer to myself, I stepped back from the mirror opened my eyes and burst into tears. Being overweight my whole life I can’t tell you the joy of fitting into a size 10 and feeling comfortable in it, I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would get to this point.

The dress was a bargain at £22.99 from New look, you can get it here .


The most important women in Jamie’s life, his mum, nana, sister, auntie and cousin. Here are some of the loveliest, kind hearted women in the world, I am extremely blessed to have become part of their world.


Happy 88th birthday nana! A lovely Welsh gentleman came over during his lunch to sing happy birthday to nana, we all burst out into song followed by fits of giggles.


As part of our weekend celebrations we enjoyed a long lazy Sunday afternoon tea, tea and cakes are two of my favourite things in the world so you can imagine how excited I was as the waiter places these little beauties on our table.


There macaroons were to die for, I could have eaten hundreds of them.


Naturally tiny little cakes are not going to satisfy my need for cake so as everyone else was relaxing and talking about how full they were I ordered some big pieces of cake to tuck into. I was worried at the start of weekend that they would notice I am a human garbage bin stuffing more and more cake in. Luckily overtime I ordered more cake they all just giggled.


I had an absolutely lovely weekend surrounded by such love and beauty, after three days of some intense shopping and cake eating we were all worn out ( some more than others ) on the drive home I didn’t want the weekend to end. I’m already excited for nanas 89th birthday.


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