Some very special family time


A couple of weeks ago Jamie’s mum invited me for a girls only weekend away to celebrate Jamie’s nana turning 88 years young, I absolutely jumped at the chance I love Jamie’s mum who always treats me as one of her children. She has taken me under her wing and looks after me in a way I’ve never been looked after before,  in fact the whole of Jamie’s family has been nothing but loving.


About a week before our trip I went into full panic mode, I had willingly agreed to spend a weekend with the five women who love Jamie the most in the whole wide world. I get extremely nervous in new situations, not to mention that I’ve so many odd little habits that no one other than Jamie would find cute, I’m good but not good enough to hide my crazy for two whole nights.


After a week of every weatherman in the country promising the most glorious of weekends, I spent Friday morning rushing around buying new clothes ( that actually fit me ) ready for the sunshine. So you can imagine my disappointment to arriving to a chilly overcast sea front, never the less I was determined to enjoy the weekend. Our first day mainly consisted of shopping, me for warmer clothes to wear ( two days of shopping has lowered my savings a lot ). Absolutely worth it tho, I got some incredible bargains and boy could these women shop!


The first morning I went for a run and sat to watch the sun try its hardest to peek through as the waves hit the beach, I love early morning runs there’s something so magical about the world before everybody else wakes up. 


After my run I decided I would do some climbing and enjoy the view, spending time in my own company is extremely important to me it gives me a chance to sort my thoughts and be thankful for everything I have.


Me and Lucie ( Jamie’s sister ) headed in search of ice cream and let me tell you Llandudno did not disappoint us, we found the most perfect little ice cream parlour with a range of beautiful sounding ice creams and a whopping ten different styles of cones. I enjoyed a chocolate & honeycomb cone topped with blueberry yoghurt cheesecake and white chocolate and raspberry ice cream.


Naturally when someone says lunch time I say cake time! While the rest of the family were tucking into a light lunch of soups and paninis I was very carefully deciding if it was a two or three slice lunch, I went for two still slightly full from the ice cream ( I know not like me is it! ).


When I started my fitness program it was never about losing weight or trying to be skinny I knew by eating clean and working on my fitness levels that my weight would sort itself out, six months on fitness is one of the most important aspects in my life. Not necessarily being at the gym but I’ve gone from watching box sets in front of the t.v.for days at a time to being super annoyed if I’ve not been active during the day. Even after a 6 mile morning run and a climb I wasn’t satisfied so me and Lucie decided to hit the pavement for a seven mile walk.


Not only was it extremely overcast, the whole of Llandudno was covered in the a strange mist, it could have come straight out of a horror film.


During our walk Lucie had to physically push me past every single stand selling either doughnuts or ice cream because I would just stop and stare like any minute now I’m going to run and dive at full pace, face first into a sweet treat. She’s lucky I didn’t try rolling her in sugar and taking a bite, I can’t help myself sometimes..



Possibly the worst ever picture of me I have ever seen, but the weekend wasn’t about looking all fancy or sticking to my meal plan is was about spending time with people I love and getting to know more about them ( but don’t worry I will look a little fancier in part two tomorrow ).


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