Cholmondeley castle gardens


This is one of those posts where you are going to want to grab a glass of wine, a yummy snack and get comfy in your garden under the sunshine, as usual I have gone a little snap happy. In my absolute defence Cholmondeley castle gardens is such a pleasure on your senses it was impossible to edit the number of pictures. So get comfy and come and join me for some serious garden inspiration and home goals. 


You will be happy to know my day dreaming has moved on, I’m no longer Elizabeth Bennett wandering around looking for Mr Darcy now I’m Ann Boyln trying to win the heart of king Henry the eighth in his Tudor court ( honestly I don’t know how I am allowed out in public ).


When I arrived I was greeted by the old too familiar bank holiday rainy weather, just my luck so I ducked into the grounds little tea shop where I was greeted by some of my favourites all lined up like they knew I was coming. Looking all beautiful and delicious, there was bakewell tart, chocolate fudge, Victoria sponge and my personal favourite cherry scones with all the trimmings.


I ordered a big pot and tea and a cherry scone ( well it was brunch time ) I grabbed a seat next to the window and watched the rain bounce off the grass, well whipping cream off my nose ( honestly I eat like a five year old ). The staff were so incredibly friendly we chatted away and swapped cake recipes, they assured me that the sun would make an appearance.


Eventually I decided to brave the rain and as if by magic the second I opened the door the most glorious of sunshine peeked out from behind the clouds. Naturally I dressed for the British bank holiday weather so I made a quick dash back to my car and stripped away a few layers, before exploring the most beautiful of English gardens.


So naturally now I want to live in a castle, talk about house envy, could you imagine waking up every morning in a castle. Of course being the big girl that I am naturally my bedroom would have to have my bedroom in the turret and spend all day dreaming about being a Disney princess. I don’t think I would ever get sick of this view, how incredibly special. Just the view fit for a Disney princess living in her castle.


Thanks to the dark, wet start to the morning it seemed that I only shared the grounds with a couple of other people which suited me just fine. Sunshine and fresh air is just what the doctor ordered.


The castles grounds are made up of several different gardens all hidden or tucked away, my absolute favourite was the temple garden. A beautiful tranquil garden with a lake/pond ( I’m not sure what the size difference is, Jamie when you read this I’m sorry ) at its heart.


My Autumn wardrobe is going to consist of every colour in this picture greens, plums, pinks, yellows and purples oh my!


How pretty is this purple, I get so much interior inspiration from gardens and flowers it’s such a wonderful way to see which colours go together and which don’t. I am thinking about redecorating my bedroom in creams and greys and think little hints of this purple would be lovely.


A blanket of pretty bluebells, the blue is such a pretty colour.


You made it through it, sorry about the ridiculous number of pictures but isn’t it a special little spot. I hope you have gotten some serious garden inspiration I know I have.

Hope you are having a lovely day!



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