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This week I have upped my fitness game in a big way, I absolutely love the weeks when I am super focused. Fitness is definitely as much about mental strength as physical strength for me. And this week I have been so mentally strong, on days when I thought I couldn’t do it I pushed myself so hard I knew that my legs couldn’t give up, that I could do that last rep and that it would all be worth it.

Glorious, glorious exercise!


This week I have discovered Les Mills Grit and oh my goodness this 30 minute workout might actually change my life and finally get rid of the stubborn areas that aren’t changing like stomach, top of thighs and bingo wings. Les mills Grit comes in three different classes Grit strength, Grit plyo and Grit cardio this week I have done two strengths, two plyos and a mix of the two, I am yet to try the cardio.


I have realised that my gym habit is getting slightly out of hand with 2/3 gym sessions a day, I now want a more intense workout in a shorter amount of time specially as the weather is improving. And although I absolutely adore the gym and working out when it comes to cardio I don’t work particularly hard on my own, expect for running I do all my cardio in classes because my competitive side rears it head and makes me work a lot harder.


So when my gym revised its timetable this week ( my gym changes its classes every three months which gets me overly excited as it mixes up my routine without having to think about it ) I was ready with my high lighter ( I have no life ) to mark all the classes I wanted to do/try. And was absolutely over the moon to see that Les Mills Grit was on the new timetable and best of all there was 6am classes, I need to do workout before my brain wakes up. So back to the classes which are amazing, they are a high intensity workout ( I was sweating like a pig within 4 minutes ) five classes later I am hooked I really feel amazing after each workout despite feeling like I’m going to die during it. If your gym has the classes I highly recommend you give it a go it will change your life.


As always I have been on long walks with my handsome boy in fact twice as much this week as Jamie has been away so where we would normally share the walks I’m doing them on my own. I love walking it doesn’t feel like exercise but let’s face it, it’s much better for you than sitting on the sofa watching television.

Glorious food!


I am never going to be the girl that skips meals or counts calories mainly because I just love too much. I just watch what I eat, I always follow portion sizes and I don’t eat ( expect for ice cream ) anything that comes out of a packet. At the same time I don’t deprive myself either, this is by far the healthiest my relationship with food has ever been. I am constantly learning about food and listening to my body and its needs, on days when I’m sore I make sure I eat more protein, on days I’m feeling low I eat some chocolate and if I want pizza because it’s the weekend then I make a super healthy veggie pizza. I don’t eat meat unless my body craves it, I eat very little dairy daily mainly because it makes me feel a little sick.


Although there are times I have to stop and remind myself that I am a adult who doesn’t need to eat everything in one day because I can buy a little of what I fancy whenever I want. I am going away this weekend and am slightly worried that I am going to be greedy, I’m not worried about calories or weight gain but the actual act of being greedy because it is a bad habit and one I need to put a stop to. I absolutely plan on enjoying my trip but I don’t need an ice cream every hour, one a day is just fine.


Goals for next week!

1. Try a new class.
2. Drink more water.
3. Runner a little further.
4. Try having a couple less sweet treats.



Those glorious feelings!

I so excited about next and moving forward this week has been a little all over the place because of the bank holiday weekend, I am absolutely a creature of habit and having the bank holiday messed with my routine. I  feeling positive and I am particularly feeling mentally strong especially when it comes to my body image. I have worked really hard these last few weeks and can really see the difference in my body, I’m feeling stronger and looking leaner. I have not thought about my actual weight I just keep focused on how my clothes fit and how I’m feeling which is a massive positive for me and I hope I remember that fitness and health doesn’t equal a number on some scales. I can’t wait to see how useful feel next week.



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