// Emmas happy little world //

I absolutely adore social media I believe that you can meet some fabulous people on it and it’s a wonderful easy way to share your favourite moments. My favourite form of over sharing is instagram I am utterly obsessed with it and it’s worked amazingly for me, I met Jamie on instagram and spent last summer traveling around America meeting some of my followers who have become my closest friends. 

I have picked my favourite 11 instragrammers ( I couldn’t narrow it down to ten ) which I know you will love just as much as I do. Amazingly they are all women, sorry guys your pictures just aren’t as cute to me, although if you think your instagram will take my fancy please please comment below and I will have a big old noisy. Apparently I love strong women who are mainly vegan bloggers with dogs and a obsession with florals and a bit of fitness ( think this says lots about me ). I am always looking for new people to follow so if I’m not following you go to my instagram and yell at me, I’m always excited to chat to you and once you have already travelled half way round the world to meet followers I’m always available for cake. In no particular here is my top 11 instacrushes.


// Zanna van Dijk //

My favourite fitness insta page comes in the form of Zanna Van Dijk, as always with me I’m in it for the food. What I like about this page is that it’s not all just gym pictures there’s a good mix of food, gym, gym wear, fashion and did I mention she is gorgeous. I get lots of clean eating inspiration and some serious gym wear envy from Zanna.

A must if you love fitness.



// Charlie’s happiness //

I can’t tell you just how sweet Charlotte is, you just want to drink hot chocolate in your floral pjs and watch Disney films with her. Madly in love with her sweetheart and beautiful dog Bowie Charlotte lets us have a sneak peek into her Cath Kidston clad world. I have total hair and wardrobe envy while most of us are still walking around half asleep in grey pjs she is awake, dressed and smiling. A trip to Charlie’s happiness always leaves me feeling a little happier.

A must if you love cuteness.


// Honestly ombre //

Jessica is the beauty and brains behind honestly ombre, a wonderful blog that has aided my lush habit. I have to admit that when she actually followed me back I gave a rather girly scream ( not going to lie i am a total fan girl ) I love her blog and it meant the world to me that she followed me back. Along with her handsome boyfriend you just know they are going to take over the world together ( don’t say I didn’t tell you ) they are the next, better Tanya and Jim.

A must if you love beauty and lifestyle blogs.


// Spoken in stardust //

Melissa is a Canadian living in Europe discovering all the best vegan places to eat, she is also my longest follower on my list. In fact we followed each other before I started blogging. An absolute sweetheart who always seems to have time for everyone, did I mention she is gorgeous and happily in love. I love eating vegan food and get lots of inspiration from all her delicious food.

A must if you love travel and vegan food.


// The crazy Springer lady //

Claire has the cutest home I have ever seen and possibly more Emma Bridgewater pottery than the actual factory. She also has my favourite daily life instagram, a mother to two boys and a fur baby, she works and cleans and always looks perfect. She is one of those super women who seem to make home life look easy and very pretty.

A must if you love dogs and daily family life.


// Courtney Lang //

Courtney takes the most incredible pictures you have ever seen. She is constantly traveling but doesn’t share those everyday tourist snaps she shares a piece of each place and writes a beautiful blog too. I promise you once you click once you will be hooked and planning your next adventure.

A must if you love travel and nature.


// Chocolate baby //

I couldn’t have a round up without mentioning chocolate baby, just a mouth watering feed of the most incredible chocolates. Once you look tho you will soon be parting with your money and waiting on the door step everyday until your chocolate arrives.

A must if you love chocolate.


// Marvel Steph //

Usually I’m not a fan of the white background but I can’t help but love Stephs page the background might be white but she has some serious colour. Her pictures are beautiful and if she doesn’t have a book in her hands then shes holding weights, beauty and brains what more could you want.

A must if you love reading and fitness.


// Life as unusual //

I absolutely adore Kerris instagram feed it has a mix of everything wonderful with a bit of sarcasm in the most wonderful way. She’s the kinda woman you want to be friends with and hang out in her happy world. Her food pictures could turn the biggest meat eaters vegan and she will make you stop and see the beauty in the ordinary. Her blog is a must read too, you can thank me now.

A must if you love a bit of everything.


// Michelle outside London //

Michelle is absolutely adorable and incredibly funny, the kind of funny that’s cool and makes other women want to be her. She is also a ridiculously talented writer, I want to be Michelle when I grow up! Her instagram is a beautiful mix of stunning scenery and daily life I am a daily stalker of hers. Go follow her, read her blog it will have you laughing out loud and stalking her too.

A must if you love the sea and cute dogs.


//  Under to wonder  //

My newest favourite to instagram is the beautiful Danielle, she takes you into her Disney inspired life. There is nothing Disney that she doesn’t know as well as being a really beautiful person inside and out. If you are planning a trip to Disney you would be silly not to go check her out.

A must if you love Disney and animals.



  1. lifeasunusuals
    May 3, 2016 / 6:02 pm

    Thank you so much for including me! And thank you for introducing me to some new great instagrams! And for including a few favourite people of my own too!

    Thanks for a lot of things!

  2. May 4, 2016 / 9:42 am

    Thanks so so much for including me and for giving me lots of new instal worlds to explore!
    Have a brilliant week
    M x

  3. May 5, 2016 / 8:44 am

    Oh bless your bloomin’ heart for including my little account! It’s only a couple months old so it’s nice to know at least someone is enjoying it! Plus – you are forever too kind with your words about me.

    Thank you!!!!!!! xo

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