April favourites


I thought I would do a little round up of some of my favourite products in April. Some of these are really old but I am only just discovering them which make them shiny and new to me. Here are some of things I have been utterly obsessed with in April. One thing I thought I would never ever say is there is actually more make up products in my favourites than food ( I know, I’m shocked to )!


My first April favourite was receiving my first ever subscription box, I completely and utterly forgot I even ordered it so when it arrived I was like a kid on Christmas morning itching to open it. I desperately wanted a box that wasn’t all beauty products ( after all I’m new to this whole beauty thing and wanted products that I knew I could use ). So when I found a box that combined beauty and lifestyle I was all over it like a bear on honey. For a little peek inside you can see my review here.


As you know, I know absolutely nothing about beauty so finding make up that is good and something I can actually apply is extremely daunting to me. For as long as I can remember I’ve worn Rimmel foundation mainly because I had used it and was happy enough, I’ve used estee lauder foundation for special occasions but was looking for a foundation that was better then my everyday Rimmel one but without the Estee Lauder price tag for a new everyday foundation. And I have absolutely found it in L’oreal’s True match foundation, the shades match better to my skin and is much better to blend in. Only slightly more expensive but a big difference in coverage and staying power, I feel like such a grown up right now.


Eyeshadow scares me to near death!! I am practically blind as a bat and extremely self conscious of my eyes so try not to draw any attention to them but that’s all about to change. I have spent hours on YouTube trying to figure out how to use eyeshadow correctly ( blending is a total mystery to me ) and I’m slowly getting the hang of it ( very slowly ). I spent a good 20 minutes in boots figuring out which palette to go for before finally deciding on L’oreals nude rose palette. I’m not going to lie I mainly picked it because it had the prettiest shades than any other s I looked at. I’m in love now and spent the weekend experimenting with different looks, now I just need some sunshine to show off my new pretty summer make up look.


I have become a little obsessed with watching make up tutorials on YouTube while in the bath. All of which mentioned primer, now I have never used a primer in my whole life but thought I would give it at try. I can’t stress enough how stressful shopping for beauty products is when you have no idea what your looking for in a sea of different make brands. I must have been looking extremely lost because I lovely women shopping for lipstick asked if I was ok, I explained my little dilemma and she told me she has been using and loving this maxfactor one ( she looked stunning ) so I thought I would give it a try. What I liked about this one was that it was lightweight I worried about having an extra layer on my face but this was perfect and I have noticed my foundation stays put for a lot longer than before. And it has  spf 20 which is a wonderful added bonus, over the years I’ve burnt my face badly and I worry about the damage it has done.


I have been meaning for months to lay my hands on some Tanya Burr cosmetics, I am a total Tanya fan girl. This cheek palette comes with a blush, bronzer and high lighter and is wonderfully sized to fit in your handbag for a day to night quick makeup reply my only bad point is that it doesn’t come with a brush. I have a beautiful set of make up brushes at home but I don’t always want to be taking a big bag of make up stuff out with me so the little brushes you get are a God send ( for me anyway, specifically when I know I wont have much time to do my make up while out and about.


In April I treated myself to a nanokeratin hair treatment and it has CHANGED MY LIFE, if you have damaged or unruly hair that you dread washing because drying it is the most stressful thing in the world than I highly highly recommend this treatment. You can read my review and see before and after pictures here


Heaven in a bottle, patisserie de bain sweet as cherry pie hand cream is not the best handcream I have used and wouldn’t be very good in winter but is perfect for the warmer months when you just want to moisture rather then recover or heal hands. But it is too adorable not to be on list,


Nspa Fragrance body mist was so on my Match favourites but I have discovered a new scent that is worthy of a second favourites list. And if you hurry the nspa range is on sale in asda, a perfect little treat for braving a supermarket. Smells sweet and delicious I spray myself after a shower or bath to leave my skin smelling sweet all day.


Stop what you are doing right now and head to superdrug for cafe de bain shower creme. This should be in everyone’s bathroom, I can’t describe how incredibly heavenly this smells and feels. I am always just tempted to have a little taste although probably not so good for my waistlines because all I can think about after using it is cake, and how quickly I can eat cake.


L’occitanes cherry blossom came in my little box ( was my favourite product in there ) and I quickly fell in love and my bank account emptied pretty quickly. If you have just one luxury item in your bathroom make sure it’s this. I am using it as  bath gel and a little goes a long way, I added it as the hot water is running to give my bathroom a lovely sweet floral smell.


After my morning workout I love jumping into a cool shower and scrubbing myself from head to toe, at the moment I’m using nspa raspberry scrub mainly for the smell, it seems my sweet tooth goes beyond just eating now I want to smell good enough to eat ( little immature giggle ). I am the ultimate berry girl, this smells delicious and gives a good scrub a perfect way to start the day.


Another cafe de bain product, ok so I am a little obsessed but they are exactly what I think heaven smells like. I have a bath religiously ever night before bed as it helps my sore muscles and allows me to sleep like a baby. But after using this cherry & almond frangipane bath creme it makes me curl up in a ball in bed and fall asleep feeling of my favourite thing in the whole wide world, cake.


Mcvities gold bars are my absolute favourite chocolate of all time since childhood. If you have never had one, have you been living under a rock! And I demand you stop whatever you are doing, go to your nearest shop and eat one. The only problem with them is you have to buy them in packs which means you end up eating them all ( not such a bad problem ).


I love aeros, I love mousse and I love caramel, can you guess where this is going?! Normally I’m super good in supermarkets only sticking to the fresh aisles but while standing in a queue at the check out after a particularly long workout my inner chocolate demon was whispering in my ear how much I needed this in my life! I resisted at first but as the woman at the till was paying for a £100 shop in what seemed like pennies I had a quick look around me to make sure there was no one watching and put a couple of these bad boys under my bananas ( a dirty little chocolate secret between me and the checkout lady.


It’s absolutely no secret that ice cream is quickly taking cake over as my favourite sweet treat. And April has certainly been a sweet creamy month for me! I really dislike chocolate ice cream ( in fact any ice cream that is brown or has brown bits in ) I’m a berry girl forever. Carte dor fills every draw in my freezer, I have been especially loving there blueberry gelateria. Now blueberries are a super food so technically I’m eating super ice cream, right?!


If you read my blog regularly you will know I am utterly obsessed with breakfast ( hands down the best meal of the day ). Now I know you are not all as crazy as me to get up at 5am to go the gym and make breakfast but I highly suggest one lazy weekend make a special effort to make your favourite breakfast, a big pot of tea and just lounge around nibbling away.


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