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Today marks the six month anniversary since I joined the gym and decided to start looking after my health. I honestly can’t believe it’s been six months already, although I knew it would take time, but I really thought that I would be further on with my fitness journey ( I am the kinda girl that does ten sit ups and starts wondering where my abs are at! ). Trying not to dwell on the negatives some of the positives are I have lost 36lbs, three dress sizes on my bottom and four dress sizes on top. I have learnt that what goes into my body decides on how I feel ( put crap in, feel like crap ). I have gone from only being able to do bodyweight squats to being able to squat with 80kgs on my shoulders. I have gone from getting out of breath going up the stairs to being able to run eight miles. I can only imagine how well I will be doing in another six months.

Back to this week after an absolutely dreadful last week I have really put in some effort this week and worked my butt off in the gym and in the kitchen.

Glorious, glorious exercise!


After missing four days at the gym last week I have thrown myself into it this week and have done some form of exercise every single day which has improved my mood and stopped me eating rubbish. Although after having that gap it did make my return slightly harder but now I’m back into full swing of gym life.


As always me and Dave have been getting in some serious walking which makes both of is extremely happy. Walking is an amazing way to keep fit, you don’t need an expensive gym membership or fancy workout clothes you just need to open your front door and take that first step. I spend my entire work day walking around and I make sure me and Dave walk for at least two hours in the evening.


Glorious food!


This week has been much better food wise than last week there has only been a couple of treats nothing that has thrown me into a full on binge. I wrote a meal plan at the start of the week and managed to stick to it about 95% of the time. I eat very little processed food in fact the only processed food that I do eat is ice cream which I’m going to try and make myself.


So last week I said that I wanted to give up sugar, in fact I managed five days sugar free, unfortunately sugar is my crack!! And would seem that I can not give up ice cream and to be honest I take my hat off to anyone who has managed to give up sugar because living day to day, meeting friends, dinner with family and work nights out is so hard to get through when you are sugar free. I have decided if I can manage six days a week sugar free then I am doing pretty good. Most importantly I have managed to give up my awful frizzy pop addiction, swapping it for water instead.


Goals for next week!

1. Try a new exercise class.
2. Try and go just one week without sugar.
3. Stick to workout plan.
4. Run a little further.


Those glorious feelings!

I feel much better this week, I have learnt that eating healthy and exercising everyday is so important to my wellbeing. It gives me something rather special to focus on and improves my mood in so many ways. The old adage you are what you eat could not be more true and going into the next week I need to remain focused specially as I’m going away next weekend and I know there will be a couple of naughty treats so I need to make sure that I’m in a good place before I go. I have my meal plan and exercise plan already to go and will be sticking to it. I really am excited about the next six months when I started this new lifestyle I thought that it would take a year to be where I wanted to be and I’m sure if I continue to work as hard as I have been doing that in six months time I will have reached my goal.



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