A hair miracle!!!


If you read my blog regularly than you will know when it comes to beauty I know absolutely nothing and now at 31 years old I’m finally comfortable either in my skin to start learning ( insert old dog, new tricks joke ). You can read about my lack of beauty skills here.  Here’s a little hair story, for the first 10 years of my life I had the most perfect golden blonde poker straight hair ( omg I miss that hair ). Then the evil puberty hit and hit hard, what felt like over night my hair changed to what I like to call dirty dish water brown and curled up into a mix of half frizzy and half curly, not exactly the look I wanted for my first days of high school.

I grew up with papa bear and over night I went from looking like goldielocks to being my father’s daughter, needless to say my dad wasn’t exactly a hair expert. Fed up of the awful colour at 12 I started colouring my hair bright red, bored with that I bleached it within an inch of its life to go blonde. For the next 10 years I had a rainbow of colours in my hair never really thinking about the condition just constantly adding the latest “miracle shampoo, conditioner, spray “. Then last year 10 inches snapped off in one week safe to say I was absolutely devastated and in need of some hair education.  Now I find hairdressers really uncomfortable and unless I absolutely love everyone that works there I won’t return because honestly I can’t think of anything worse than letting someone you don’t feel comfortable with touching my hair. After years of searching I have found the perfect hairdresser in Lee from my local Toni & Guys, he colours my hair perfectly and on my last visited he suggested trying a nanokeratin treatment slightly unsure I agreed, booked the appointment and ran home to read up about it.

WARNING:- you are about to see some horrific make up free, bad lighting, frizzy haired selfies but this is all in the name of helping people in the same sinking hair boat I was in ( you should feel sorry for poor Jamie who has to look at me everyday, moved in and my make up seemed to disappear ).

I did warn you!! Ok so picture on the left is from letting my hair dry naturally, middle picture is the damaged, dry ends and right picture is after 90 minutes of drying and straightening. 90 whole minutes of my life and its still so damaged that I refuse to wear it in any other way other than a pony tail.

Excited but still not convinced, I started with a half head of highlights before blast drying my hair to look like a fluffy ginger cat.


My very talented and cute hairdresser Lee working miracles for me and after months of me telling him lighter, lighter he still puts up with my hair demands. Once the nanokeratin treatment is applied it is a little like having a gremlin on your head. You can’t get it wet, you can’t feed it, you can’t put it up for four whole days which meant no gym for me for four whole days.

When I read reviews about the treatment a lot of people complained that after four days their hair was extremely greasy, luckily I don’t have that problem. Since I’m over sharing already ( don’t judge me ) I only ever wash my hair once every two weeks, mainly because washing it was extremely stressful. Left picture is two days after the treatment and right is day four. It was rather stressful not being able to get moisture in it or tie it up for four days but I just about managed.

And here is the result, from what was once 90 minutes of drying and straightening whilst fighting with my hair brush to blast drying in under ten minutes. My hair dried perfectly straight, since getting the treatment I haven’t had to use my straighteners once, not once! This has changed my life, before I wouldn’t go swimming or wash my hair at the gym because I would be far too embarrassed by the end results but not now, now I can happily shower and change at the gym. Not only does my hair looks ten times better it feels amazing, it’s soft but not in a fluffy way but in a run your fingers through my hair kinda way.


Even after a workout my hair stayed absolutely perfect, I can safely say that the nanokeratin treatment was worth every single penny and I’m already excited to get it done again in a few months. I honestly never thought that I would have such healthy looking hair. Definitely the best money I’ve spent, now I’m off to wash my hair again.


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