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I love writing currently posts and sharing all the things I love, new and old. Here are some of things ( mainly food not even going to lie, I just love food. ) that I’m currently loving and enjoying.


Reading // The queens fool, Philippa Gregory. I only discovered Philippa Gregory last month and I’m already on my second book of hers, I’m totally in love. British history is incredibly interesting to me ( my inner 15 year old is shocked, I absolutely hated history at school ) specially Henry the eighth. So a book series about Tudor history is a match made in heaven unfortunately I just wish I had more time to read. Although I do plan on reading all her books by the end of summer, roll on summer holidays.


Eating // I would bath in this yoghurt if I knew I wouldn’t eat it first!!! I am eating a tub a day!!! For all of you who are now shaking your heads, disgusted by the idea of a soya yoghurt, well this will change your mind and tastebuds. I would now just like some more flavours although I can eat another thousand tubs of this sweet heaven.


Enjoying // Breakfast I’m enjoying breakfast ( I did tell you I love food ). I eat most of my food by 3pm just because it works best around my workout schedule with breakfast being my main meal of the day. Recently I have been watching my calorie intake and portion sizes and have found that when I make better choices I can eat a more varied diet. All the above food is only 375 calories and a perfect way to start the day.


Drinking // I wish I was cool enough to have a picture of a wonderful fancy cocktail from a lavish roof top terrace party but the truth is I’m not cool and I’m ok with that I’m ok with staying in with a green tea and dancing with my dog like it’s 1999. I most definitely wanted to mention these strawberry cupcake green teas, weird I know and it definitely takes a couple of cups to get used to but it’s definitely worth it.


Exercising // My new love is kettlecise, let’s face it I love all exercising but at the moment kettlecise has me extremely excited. Perfect for all over toning and is more exciting than just doing reps with free weights. My gym has a new timetable starting in 13 days, yes I am counting down the days and yes I have highlighters at the ready.


Wearing // These extremely cute little ankle boots and a absolute steal at only £17 in the New look sale. They are so incredibly comfy and go with everything by far the best pair of shoes I have ever bought.


Loving // Tulips or flowers or spring in general I’m not that fussy. My home is constantly filled with beautiful flowers which automatically puts a smile on my face and a spring in my step.


Visiting // North Wales, living less than a hour away from the beach is one of those things I think us Brits take for granted we are always within driving distance of the coast, city or forest something I don’t think we take advantage of one often. I have family in Australia and it literally takes them 3 hours to drive to see their best friends ( I’m not even kidding ). Nothing beats a double ice cream with a flake and a walk along the beach taking in the sea air.


Relaxing // Now spring is officially upon us and the days are getting ever so slightly warmer, pretty gardens all over the country are coming to life. And I love nothing more than spending a Sunday afternoon walking around a classic English garden imagining that I have been transported into the pages of The secret garden. After spending my whole week working, at the gym or blogging a few hours alone taking in all the colours and smells of a pretty garden is just a perfect way to end the week.


Feeling // Really positive and happy right now I have been working really hard on my fitness and blog and am starting to finally see results it’s been a long hard few months but it’s all been worth it and has given me a new direction with my life. I am extremely excited about the next few months and planning new adventures.


Needing // Some sugar free time, as of today I am going to try and go 30 days sugar free and if you read my blog regularly you will know that sugar is a major food group for me. I love cake, ice cream and chocolate, I’m 2 hours into being sugar free and I’m already day dreaming about ice cream. Wish me luck!


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