My little box


I have finally bit the bullet and joined the world of the subscription box, I know, I know I’m late as usual but it’s literally taken me this long to decide which one I wanted. I am not very good with make up opting for only wearing what I know I can apply and my hair is worse I leave all hair care to the professionals. So that automatically cuts out two thirds of the boxes on offer. Now you offer me a box designed for bath time and I would be all over that bad boy. After weeks of looking I found My little box and knew instantly that we would be a perfect match ( I can’t believe no one on my instagram has posted any pictures of this cutie, in fact I haven’t even heard of it before and stumbled upon it during a Google search ).


My little box started in France ( already a good point, I’m such a fan of French skin care ) and now is available for us Brits to indulge in a little French style.


– Must-have beauty products (including one from
their own in-house beauty range, My Little Beauty)
– Fashion and lifestyle accessories
– A little magazine (My Little World)
– Illustrated goodies by Kanako
– And other surprises…

Each month is a different theme, this is my first box and I can’t tell you how happy I was with flowers being the theme of April’s box its like it was meant to be.


When Jamie went through the box and found this little bag he fell to the floor laughing ( apparently he didn’t know that women needed a bag for their lingerie, unfortunately we can’t pack all our clothes into bin bags, boys are stupid, throw rocks at them). I was incredibly impressed with the quality of the fabric and the little details.


This could be the cutest thing I have ever seen, some little flower seeds and the perfect French street to plant them in. One of my favourite things about this box is just how creative it is with stunning illustrations and there is a little something of everything. I’m very excited about planting these seeds one thing I wanted from a subscription box was the ability to use all pieces within. What would the point be if there was only one product a month you actually used.



Beauty products that even I can manage, in fact the kind of beauty products I love all in a beauty toiletries bag perfect for weekends away.


Each month you will receive a own brand beauty product, this month is rosy mornings, detoxifying mask I’m very excited about trying this although I’m not very good at make up I do try to look after my skin.


Imagine your heaven filled with all your favourite things, soft pillows, cakes on demand, perfectly blown dried hair and I can guarantee you that the smell in the air would be l’occitane’s cherry blossom bath gel. I don’t even want to use it I just want to smell it a couple of time a day. The second pay day comes I will be hitting the check out button in loccitane then eating beans on toast for the rest of the month but it will absolutely be worth it.


You absolutely can’t go wrong with nailsinc nail polish.


I’m already so excited for next month’s box I don’t want to wait whole month for the next one. You can find My little box here I promise you will love it. Now I need to find another box to fill the gap between each delivery.


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