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This week has been one of my best weeks yet! I have been incredibly focused and driven in my quest of fitness. I have had half the number of treats and done twice as much exercise as normal. I have started to see a real change in my fitness and my attitude towards food has greatly changed. Fingers crossed this motivation continues into next week and I am able to beat some personal bests. I have also managed to stay away from the scales this week which I was getting a little obsessed with, now I’m trying to go by how my clothes fit and how I generally feel within myself.

Glorious, glorious exercise!


I don’t know when it happened but this week I noticed that I have gone from one gym session a day to two sessions, whether I’m feeling happy, annoyed, excited or ill I hit the gym it has truly become a form of therapy for me. If I’m feeling down or sad I literally run the feeling out of me, I have managed to get my distance up to 7 miles, only four weeks ago I couldn’t even run half a mile. I am absolutely amazed about how far my running has come on, as well as my fitness and flexibility while doing yoga. During this weeks yoga class I actually noticed massive differences in my form and flexibility, I have been doing one yoga class a week for three months and I’m pretty sure that during my next class I will be able to do a handstand, I’m hoping to add more yoga to my week too.


This weeks new class was kettlecise and I’m a little bit love with it, it’s definitely a class that I will be now doing weekly. Although I’m on a pretty small kettle at the moment I’m hoping that after a few classes I will be able to use a slightly heavier weight. A couple of weeks ago I tried Pilates for the first time and hated it, I tried again this week with another teacher and its safe to say I still absolutely hate it and certainly won’t be going again for a very long time.

Glorious food!


My love affair with breakfast is still going strong in fact I have discovered alpro soya yogurt which I seem to be having at every single meal. It’s my favourite thing in the world right now and at only 36kcal per 50g it’s perfect for keeping my sweet tooth at bay.


I am really enjoying cooking every thing from scratch it’s so satisfying to know what all the ingredients are and I know they are all bought locally from local businesses. 6tag_090416-152435

I have had one sweet treat this week in the form of a Mr whippy ice cream, there is nothing in this world that would make me give up ice cream.


These last couple of weeks I have become obsessed with recommendations portion size and to tell you I’m shocked is a understatement. Before I was thinking my food is healthy how come my body isn’t changing, it wasn’t changing because my bowls and plates held three times as much as the recommended portion size. So now I’m getting a much more varied diet, the above picture is now a typical breakfast for me and has less than 400 calories. All that food for about the same number of calories as a bowl of sugary cereal.

This week I went out for dinner with my brother, I had been day dreaming about a burger for a couple of days before hand so I ordered a burger ( I never stop myself eating what I want I just don’t want rubbish food very much ). It was a big mistake, I spent the rest of the night throwing up. It must have been three months since I last had red meat and a few weeks since I had any meat and my body didn’t like it one bit! In fact it hated it, and that’s ok I just now know that I don’t need red meat nor will I be wanting it again.

Goals for next week!


2. Try another new exercise class.
3. Try figs ( strange I know ).
4. Run a extra mile.

This glorious feelings!


This week I feel absolutely amazing and very tired but mainly amazing, I have had to go buy lots of new clothes. I still can’t believe I’m size 10 ( us size 6 ) I truly never thought that I would ever be size 10 in my whole life. This is also the longest I have ever stayed dedicated to working out and eating properly, usually I would have been satisfied at size 12 and just stopped before slowly slipping back up to a bigger size. I have noticed that my skin is improving, I am having a lot fewer break outs than before when I was eating rubbish. Every week I get more and more excited for the next week, I get excited about new foods to try, about new classes to try and seeing what my body will do next. Hopefully these happy feelings will help me through the next week.





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  1. April 16, 2016 / 1:57 am

    This was so inspirational to read. My 2016 goal was to lose 40 pounds and I’ve currently gained 2 haha. I need to really focus and work hard to reach my goal since I know once I start losing weight the happiness will keep me motivated for the rest of the journey! Thanks for sharing!

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