Tremendous adventures at Tatton park


Over the weekend I found that I had a free afternoon and one thing that I can’t do is just sit at home relaxing, with the sun shining I decided to head to Tatton park for a couple of hours of fresh air. I pulled up to the gates, paid for parking and was given tickets and maps which I throw on my passenger seat to look at once parked. Driving along to the car park keeping my eyes peeled for deer ( my favourite thing about Tatton park ) when I noticed a 8ft pencil sticking out of the ground followed by an even bigger bar of chocolate. By this point I started to think there was something going on which was confirmed by Willy Wonkers great glass elevator stood in the middle of a field.


Slightly confused but parked I noticed within the pile of maps and tickets a leaflet introducing me to a tremendous adventure at Tatton park, a year-long celebration of Roald Dahl. Like most people my age *cough cough 31 cough, cough I was bought up on Roald Dahl books The witches being my favourite followed by Matilda. All of a sudden I became like a child in the wonka factory but less giant and blue.


Within each area of the grounds is a different theme, children are given a sort of story themed map to take you around each area. If you don’t have a child don’t be shy ask for a map for yourself, I did there’s no judgment each member of staff were extremely helpful and friendly and reliving their childhoods too. 


The gardens story was Danny the champion of the world.


Now let’s talk about these bad boy’s also know as giant rhubarb or as I now like to call them ” scary looking lake slugs that are coming out the ground to eat me”. I am a strong independent woman who is apparently scared of plants and takes a wide berth to walk around them.


But seriously have you ever seen the movie tumours?? ( If not, why not? It has a hot young Kevin Bacon in, long before he lowered himself to those stupid adverts ). They still give me the willies just looking at the pictures.



Is it just me or is there a face in this tree, try closing your left eye and squinting through the right and there it is!


I bumped into the BFG being all giant and friendly. I am more than a little ashamed to say I have never actually read the book or even seen the movie, I have a vague memory of him scaring me as a child. But I will be facing that fear head on now!


The sky may have been blue but I was freezing, which is nothing new! I actually keep the central heating on during the summer just to be comfortable, so you can imagine how awful winter is for me.


I can not tell you how long I have been dreaming about having a Mr whippy ice cream with a chocolate flake, ice cream and a book inspired day in the fresh air is absolutely my idea of a perfect heaven.


I had my usual Elizabeth Bennett moment walking up the steps, not sure if I long for Mr Darcy or just imagining the dresses of the time. Either way for a good ten minutes I was Elizabeth Bennett in all her frictional glory.


I’m having real house envy in this room, I don’t want to show you too much because Tatton park should most definitely be on your list of things to do in 2016. But seriously I might have to paint every surface in my sitting room red, I’m sure I can convince Jamie it’s always been red, “it’s not new” a bit like when I wear new clothes he knows nothing about. And Jamie when you see this, I totally got the clothes in the sale for an absolute bargain. 



I’m so excited about spending lots of summer days here, specially the picnic in park where they will be showing the original Willy wonka film, I already have it marked in my diary with a list of my favourite picnic foods. You can see the whole year of events here and whether you have children or are just young at heart you will leave smiling wanting to re-read all of Roald Dahls beautiful books I know I have just ordered them all.


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  1. April 13, 2016 / 8:42 pm

    I’m desperate to go to the outdoor cinema at Tatton Park! Lovely post and gorgeous photos

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