Bodnant garden


During our trip to Wales over Easter I took an afternoon to myself to wander around Bodnant gardens, a much needed after afternoon to myself because honestly I absolutely love Jamie and Dave but sometimes I need a little quiet time. My trusty national trust app pinged to let me know I was near one of there sites and before I knew it I was entering a secret garden.


I was a little unsure absolute going to a garden at the end of March because really what could there be to see bare branches, empty flower beds or murky water. Turns out I was wrong, very wrong! I’m not sure I believed what I was seeing at first, I stepped through the gates into a beautiful garden that could have been beautifully painted.


This is a put the kettle on, have a slice of your favourite cake and get comfy in your favourite chair because as normal I went a little crazy taking pictures blog post. And since you are having cake I think I will grab a slice too because it would be rude not too ( if that’s not the rule, it should be ).


The garden was full of such vibrant colours, colours I would expect to see during late spring but here they were in all there glory.


I ran up and down garden paths trying to spot as many different colours as I could ( don’t judge me it’s been a very long grey winter ).


The gardens house was beautiful and extremely eerie looking, I’m not going to lie the house gave me the willies a lot.


One minute I was wandering around beautiful flowered gardens then the next I came across this fountain which reminded me of the horror film The haunting. I love horror films but honestly there was something so incredibly eerie about this place not sure I would walk around it after dark. By this point I was in full day dream about could have happened here hundreds of years go to make it seem so spooky ( if you read my blog regularly you will know how much time I spend day dreaming ).


The property is surrounded by woodlands in which there is a number of wonderful building like a old mill and a chapel on a hill, there is something to discover around every tree.


My knowledge of plants is absolutely shocking, if you know the name of this please leave me a comment down below. But isn’t it beautiful, when I’m decorating my home or even changing my wardrobe I love going to nature for inspiration you find so many colours and shapes it’s hard not to be inspired.




You can’t beat a carpet of pretty daffodils.


I now want a garden wall built around our garden, at least 6ft tall and covered in beautiful flowers all.year round, that’s not too much to ask, right?


I am absolutely in love with this place and can only imagine just how colourful it will get once all the spring flowers come out, I have already pencilled in a second date with her.  I love discovering little gems like this and hope to find many more over the next few months.


Sorry there was so many pictures I hope you are still awake, hopefully on a second slice of cake if you are lucky, I have eaten three slices and regret nothing.


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