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This week has been really really positive with a hint of chocolate ( luckily a little less chocolate than last week ). I’m not perfect, I’m human sometimes I give in to sweet treats, sometimes I stay in bed instead of hitting the gym, sometimes I give up sooner than I should. I’m am not perfect but I am better than I was and I know I will be better tomorrow and the next day and the next day. This week I have given in chocolate but I have drank more water then normal, I’ve started walking more instead of jumping in my car and I’ve run and run til I’ve been covered in sweat. I’m not perfect but I am getting better.

Glorious exercise!


I am still obsessed with running, I’m totally in love with it in fact. I try and run at least once a day, I’m not great but I’m definitely getting better I just need to master mind over matter.


I have still been going to at least one class each day although the whole time I think about running. Expect for yoga, yoga is by far my favourite class I’m hoping to start doing it three times a week. There just isn’t enough time in the day to do all the classes I want to. My gym is changing there timetable at the start of May which I’m really excited about ( sad I know ) fingers crossed there will be more classes I can go to.


This weeks new class was fitball and tone, now think of those cartoons where there is a elephant trying to balance on top of a ball and you have an idea of what I looked like. Designed to tone and work on your core, it was really enjoyable unfortunately they only have classes when I’m normally working.


As always there has been lots and lots of walking with my best friend


Glorious, glorious food!


I am still having a love affair with breakfast time it is possibly my favourite time of the day. Depending upon what and how much exercise I do at the gym in the mornings depe


After all the chocolate and ice cream I consumed last week I have made a real effort this week in eating more fruit and vegetables. I have noticed once more that I have had no meat in the last four weeks. I tend to crave meat just before my period, literally just for a couple of days then I can’t eat it for the rest of the month. It’s so strange to see how my tastes have changed over the months.


This week me and Jamie celebrated our first anniversary with our favourite kinda date, a cake date. Now don’t judge I ate all three of these cakes on my own and I regret nothing. For me planning is key, I knew we were going for this date so I made allowances for the extra calories in my diet and I did some extra exercise. Everything in balance.

Goals for next week!!


2. Try a new exercise class.
3. Drink more water.
4. Run a extra mile.

Those glorious feelings!

I am feeling positive this week with a hint of disappointment from all the sweet treats but I have worked extremely hard on my exercise and fitness. Another bad point I have noticed this week is that I have become a little obsessed with the scales again, which I know is a bad point as I know I’m becoming fitter because I can run much further now but it’s hard to let go of the scales. Going forward to need to hide my scales again and get a little tougher on my diet again, it would be easy at this point to allow small treats everyday but I know in the long run it will have a negative impact on my health. But I’m still positive because I have noticed what I am doing wrong within a week so I can change before it becomes habit.


This quote made me giggle because it’s so true!! Stop the jiggle. 882d6eed11bbbc7812674b534b74a852


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