Castles & ice cream


We woke up to absolutely beautiful blue skies and a rumbling in our bellies for ice cream. This is my first holiday with Dave and having a dog with you is some what of challenge specially when it comes to food with very few places allowing dogs in, at least dogs of a certain size. Now normally at home people actually cross the road when they see us walking about, children get lifted into the air and in general there is a constant echo of tuts ( and Dave is only a medium sized dog with the cutest face and so incredibly friendly ). However in Llandudno Dave was a little bit of a celebrity, he got so much love nearly every person who passed him stopped for a love.


In a bid to find ice cream and do some sight seeing we headed to the beautiful castle town of Conwy


Unfortunately we couldn’t go inside the castle because dogs aren’t allowed in but we admired it from the outside in all its glory.

At the moment I am reading Phiippa Gregorys Tudor series and if you read my blog regularly than you will know I’m a terrible day dreamer, and as I walked through the castle walls I was transported to a Tudor court, I was a princess with my king and my trusty Sir Dave at my side ( I know I have issues ).


Sorry about the picture overload I get a bit snap happy when I am excited.


I found my first ice cream of the day, ice cream is a food group right and mangos a good breakfast food so mango ice cream is a perfect breakfast meal.


We decided to walk the ice cream off mainly to make room for more ice cream. Aren’t the men in my life handsome, now between them they are pretty furry, perfect for a cold March day leaving them looking gorgeous and dressed well and if you are wondering why there’s no pics of me it because I was literally wearing four layers of clothes trying to keep warm, I looked like a bag lady and add the wind through my hair and I looked like a bag lady dragged through a hedge backwards. Believe me I am doing you a favour by hiding.


Picture perfect seaside town, how cute are these little boats.


All this sea air made me hungry for a ice cream lunch, and what better way to enjoy ice cream than on a hot waffle. I was in absolute food heaven in fact my tummy is rambling for ice cream as I write this. I can’t tell you how incredible this ice cream was and it was made within the castle walls of the town which makes it even more special.


Conwy is full of the cutest ice cream parlour, with so many incredible flavours. Being more of a fruit lover than chocolate one so I opted for blackcurrant Eton mess and Raspberry pancetta.


Now with two sweet treats in our bellies we needed to do some serious exercise because who knows what kind of yummy dinner we would want.


Conwy is surrounded by castle walls and you can almost walk around the entire town, walking along them. The views were stunning I can’t believe I have never walked them before. Honestly the town is adorable plus I got to have a little nosey into people’s gardens.


Dave is such a celebrity in Wales that they just randomly write is name across walls ( even if it apparently, by the look on his face scares him to death ) it’s tough at the top puppy. Where we were staying seemed to be a bit of a internet dead zone, picture me walking around outside with my phone in the air like it was 1995 but honestly it was lovely to have no internet and just enjoy our time together ( however next time I might try standing on a chair ).


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