Holiday beside the sea


This is going to be one of those long rambling blog posts with lots of pictures, so put the kettle on and grab a large piece of cake ( we don’t judge here ) and get comfy.

I have been been extremely lucky with all the wonderful countries I have visited and the continent’s I have lazily travelled through, travel is something I’m extremely passionate about. I have a list as long as I am tall ( 6ft in case you were wondering ) of places I want to visit. Then I fell in love with Jamie and Dave and although I will still be travelling ( just not as much as my twenties ) what I want from a holiday has changed. It would absolutely break my heart to put Dave in a kennel while I enjoyed myself on some far away beach. Which means only one thing holidays in the UK and that’s ok with me because despite being 31 and three quarters I have seen very little of this great nation and that’s just not cricket.


And with views like this who needs to go abroad!! Our new coffee table book is places to visit in the UK and we are planning on spending the next couple of years truly exploring this beautiful little island.


Over Easter we packed up our car ( amazingly I still overpack but less with bikinis and more with thermals ) and headed to the pretty Welsh town of Llandudno for a super long weekend of relaxing and sea air. And after only 10 hours together in the last six weeks some quality family time.


Our first morning was definitely 50 shades of overcast  ( luckily it got better even if my puns didn’t ) but it wasn’t as cold as I expected and to be perfectly honest there is something absolutely marvellous about being on a windy seafront, like it’s blowing all your problems away. We tried walking hand in hand along the beach like a bad 90s pop music video unfortunately Dave had other ideas which mainly consisted of chasing seagulls and waves.


” look daddy there’s one now”. Absolutely impossible to get a picture of Dave on the beach.

We discovered St Trillos chapel in the next town and it is Britain’s smallest chapel not to mention it is actually on the beach. It was pretty cute although not sure I would want to be in it during a storm or at high tide.


Rainbow, boats and sea oh my!


By late afternoon the sun made an appearance and driving along in the car with the heaters on full blast we could have been anywhere in the world ( anywhere in the world with gale force winds and backstreet boys on in the background.)


Sorry about the picture overload but I was slightly in love with the scenery. I am excited to visit again during the summer so we can walk this beautiful road.


My two favourite chaps taking in some sea air.


Eventually we made it back for a night curled up on the sofa reading our books and drinking tea but not before trying to get a family picture ( no dogs were harmed in the awful picture ). Daves face made us fall apart laughing. Dave doesn’t like the reflection made from my phone, just another thing for him to chase.



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  1. April 6, 2016 / 11:39 am

    Wow to Wales, what beautiful beautiful scenery! I need to get a bit more UK travelling done, especially with the hounds in tow – there really is so much to see. Where’s next on your UK travelling list?

    Also, that last picture? AMAZING! It’s sort of made my day, if that’s not a weird thing to say about a dog I’ve never met.
    M x

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