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Last week I was extremely excited about receiving a beautiful parcel from jewellery box uk and its taken all my strength to wait and share it with you all. I have two kinds of jewellery day to day jewellery ( mainly jewellery I can wear and not worry about Dave destroying it ) and evening jewellery, for places our puppy isn’t allowed to go. Jewellery box uk is a great online company with very very affordable jewellery for great day to day looks. I’ve picked some of my favourite pieces to share with you.


I love there simple yet pretty packaging ( I absolutely adore pretty little packaging, it makes me feel like there might be something special inside ).


I seriously love packaging, I wonder if there is a support group for it!


Once I opened the box I wasn’t disappointed at all, all this jewellery in my post is under £10 which means you can buy lots and lots of it for so many different looks. An absolute bargain if you ask me and each piece is beautifully wrapped and handled with care.


How cute are these bracelets, I have buy far more bracelets than any other jewellery, probably other a hundred bracelets and my favourite thing to do is wear five or six at a time. These bracelets are absolutely perfect for it.


// Infinity loop bracelet // Anchor bracelet //


This has to be my absolute favourite piece, I have a little thing for arrows ( no idea way, but I do ). Arrow necklace  is now my go to necklace for day to day wear.



How exciting when your jewellery matches your outfit, Hummingbird necklace. The actual lengths of the necklaces are just perfect, something I always struggle with but I needn’t have worried. I love this pretty hummingbird I have named her Florence and she’s a cutie.


I absolutely love all my lovely new pieces of jewellery, you should absolutely go and check out Jewellery box uk and let me know what your favourite pieces are, I promise you will have more than one.


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