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Thank goodness it does because I have done some eating!!! Combine Easter with nearly a week on holiday and you have a bit of a disaster. I ate far too much cake and chocolate and believe me I am paying for it now, I am suffering rather baldly with sugar withdrawals, I’m just extremely grateful I haven’t gained any weight and I have fallen straight back into my normal routine. Not to mention I have learnt some valuable lessons.

Glorious exercise!


I spent most of the week on holiday in Wales, knowing that I was going and that I would be relaxing what I ate I made sure to do some extra cardio sessions before I went, mainly I just went running twice a day.


And not to mention that I exercised while I was away not as much as normal but I did manage a run everyday. For no reason other than I know I would feel awful if I didn’t do some exercise its an amazing feeling to want to exercise. Four months ago I would barely get my bum off the sofa now I want to be moving.


Not to mention all the walking I did while away.

Glorious, glorious food!


I ate as many healthy meals as I could, I didn’t touch any chocolate or cake for the first half the week, sticking to my usual clean eating choices. In fact I dropped my daily calorie intake knowing that I would have a few treats. Despite having less calories I still stuck to six meals a day.


Then there was Easter treats, lots and lots of Easter treats. Once I got a taste for the sweet stuff I was hooked.


And holiday treats, lots of holiday treats which included ice cream for every single meal. Getting back to normal has taken so much willpower all I can think about is sugar beautiful white sugar. Now I am detoxing from it and it’s awful I have a constant headache. However I now know that when I’m away again to watch what I eat, ice cream is ok but not three a day.

Goals for next week!!

1. Absolutely no sugar!
2. Eat clean, no cheat day for the next week.
3. Try a new exercise class.
4. Drink 5 cups of green tea a day.


This glorious feelings!!

This week I have bought my first ever pair of size 10 ( US size 6 ) and I can’t tell you what an incredible feeling that was. I honestly thought I was going to cry, after spending my whole life grossly overweight being able to fit into anything size 10 is an amazing feeling. I have ate too much rubbish in the last week and now I feel rubbish but I have learnt that even while on holiday I need to take meal plan, one treat a day I can manage but certainly not eating everything in sight. I’m extremely proud of myself for still exercising everyday,to tell you the truth I didn’t plan on it but after not exercising the first day of felt rubbish and knew I needed that me time. This week has certainly had its ups and downs but I am more determined than ever to keep pushing myself and not to allow myself such a big slip again.


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