March favourites


I thought I would do a little round up of some of my favourite products in March. Some of these are really old but I am only just discovering them which make them shiny and new to me. Here are some of things I have been utterly obsessed with in March.


For Christmas I got these beautiful Estee Lauder products, I wear there foundation which I absolutely love. I forgot I had them and discovered them again a couple of weeks ago and they are wonderful I have just spent a small fortune ordering the full size bottles and a few other treats. I feel like such a grown up using Estee Lauder products, just lately I have been really obsessed with looking after my skin, specifically my face.


I have been using oral B 3D white toothpaste, I recently changed after watching a zoella vlog and she mentioned she just changed and was loving it. After only three weeks I have noticed my teeth are a couple of shades whiter.


I have discovered @badgirlnails on instagram her feed is incredible with lots of nail inspiration and how to videos. I got the inspiration for my latest nails from her beautiful page, if you are as obsessed with nails as I am you really need to be following @badgirlnails.

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Earlier in the month I did a post about discovering/using make up later in life I know nothing about beauty. This colour is Divine wine by Maybelline and is my new go to colour for evenings out and meetings. This definitely makes me feel strong and powerful.

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So I have two favourite lipsticks this month, this is the stunningly beautiful magnetic magenta another one from Maybelline. I love there lipsticks they are so easy to apply and last all day. This is the most vibrant colour I have ever worn and its taken a little getting used to but now I love it.


I have a little obsession with bath products at any given time I have 15 shower creams/gels on the go at one time depending on what mood I am in ( this drives Jamie crazy ). These are my absolute favourites at the moment for those extra long baths in the evenings. I suffer from eczema and there only a few bath products I can use without upsetting my skin.


Ok so this isn’t actually a product but I couldn’t not mention it because I am absolutely loving it, fitball and tone is a 45 minute class at my local gym. Which concentrates on all over toning something that im not great at but I am slowly learning.


I bought this book a couple of years ago from a charity shop and it has been sitting on my bookshelf ever since, well that was til last week and I am now hooked. Beautifully written and transports you back in time, I can’t write to read the rest of the series.


I have discovered the wonderful jewellery box uk this month and have got some little goodies which I will be sharing with you this week. In the mean time you can check out there website here and don’t forget to keep an eye out this week for my review.


I have a lot of food in my favourites this month but it’s not my fault is Easter after all, and I couldn’t not put my favourite Easter egg in. I have literally tried 20 Easter eggs this month,I don’t know what it is about Easter eggs but they just taste better ( maybe it’s because you know you can only have them for a month ). My absolute favourite this month is the big lindt eggs although don’t look at the calories after you have eaten it. I was much more reserved with the small eggs only having one a day with a cup of tea. 


I started March with a pretty bad cold and swollen throat only managing to eat soup and that’s when I discovered Covent gardens Thai broccoli & ginger soup which tastes amazing. I eat the bulk of my food by 3pm so by dinner time I just want something light and easy.


I know I have been banging on about these for a couple of weeks now but these little bunny blondies are to die for and I demand you go and make them now and then eat them all up I promise you won’t regret it. You can find the easy recipe here.







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    April 1, 2016 / 9:57 am

    Ooh that soup looks really tasty!

    ~ K

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