March’s happy little things


“If you look to others for fulfillment, you will never be fulfilled. If your happiness depends on money, you will never be happy with yourself. Be content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the world belongs to you.” Lao Tzu

I’m so a firm believer in finding happiness in everyday life, in a world were we are always waiting for the weekend, summer, holidays or some miracle that will apparently make all our problems disappear. We should stop and look for smaller joys, those little moments in the everyday life that make us stop, smile or even giggle. Here are some of the little moments that put a big grin on my face in March.


Having to buy gym clothes in a smaller size, so far I have lost three dress sizes since November and I’ve tried my hardest not to keep buying new clothes but to alter clothes I already have at least til I stop losing weight but unfortunately I can’t do that with gym pants. Although it is an amazing feeling to buy smaller clothes it shows me that all my hard work is actually paying off.

Watching the sunrise, getting up at 5am every morning let’s me see the sun wake up every day in all her glory.

Having my nails done feels like a bit of a luxury but I absolutely adore having them done and I absolutely loved having little hearts on them.

So last month I had my hair coloured brown and I absolutely hated it, I didn’t feel like myself at all. So I booked back in to my hairdressers and went back blonde as quickly as humanly possible. I have been blonde for the last ten years and I couldn’t imagine ever changing my hair colour again.


This Donald duck graffiti this made me smile all day long, it’s such a smart reflection on modern life. I studied art at university and absolutely love street art, much more than walking around galleries where you can’t touch anything. It’s such a shame that graffiti is frowned upon so much.

For mothers day Dave surprised me with a beautiful bunch of flowers and it absolutely made my day ( Jamie is so incredibly thoughtful, I’m extremely lucky to have such wonderful partner ).

Eating a healthy diet, when I eat crap I absolutely feel like crap.when I eat healthy I feel amazing. In the last four months my food habits and tastes have changed so much, I no longer enjoy or even think about junk food now if I’m feeling hungry I automatically pick up veggies, I truly hope this lasts forever now.

I am absolutely fed up with winter now I want spring here already, I want lighter days and longer nights, I want fields full of flowers and baby animals walking around. When you see daffodils popping up everywhere you know spring is just around the corner and it gets me all giddy.


This month I tried clubbercise and I cant tell you just how much fun it was, I giggled through the whole 45 minutes. I’m not sure how much exercise I actually got but I was dancing constantly and every little helps.

Finding a new author you absolutely love, I have had this Philippa Gregory book for years and never read it which was a massive mistake. I absolutely adore her writing and have fallen in love with her style of writing, although I don’t get as much time as I would like to read I try to read at least a couple of pages a day.

Liverpool, my papa bear was recently in a Liverpool hospital which gave me a lot of down time to explore this beautiful city. Only 40 minutes away from where I live I can’t believe I haven’t spent more time here before. The city is full of galleries and museums, wonderful cake shops and stunning architecture. I’m having a bit of a winter fling with this stunning city.

Me and Jamie have so little time together that when we finally have a couple of hours together we make the most of it. We try and have a couple of dates a week, which believe me finding the time is rather challenging but we mange just about. I don’t need fancy meals and late nights out sometimes going out for a pot of tea and slice of cake is absolutely heaven.


Second hand book shopping is one of my all time favourite ways to spend an afternoon. Now I have discovered Philippa Gregory I am on a mission to find all her work.

My beautiful Thumper she makes my heart skip a beat with her little nose twitches.

New make up, I am just discovering the joy of make up and stepping out of my comfort zone with colours. Lipsticks are my new favourite thing in the world I am loving trying bright shades.

Theses blondies have changed my life, I am totally obsessed with the cuteness of them and they taste like little bites of heaven. You have to try them as soon as possible, you can find the recipe here.

What has made you happy in March? Comment below and let me know what puts a smile on your face.


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  1. lifeasunusuals
    April 1, 2016 / 10:04 am

    Little moments are the best ones. They are the ones you can find every day and can enjoy at any moment, I don’t know why people always want to wait for their happiness, when it can be there (almost) everyday.

    Sunrises, the ones that I am awake to see, are always a great way to start the day. The one you captured was beautiful! Can’t go wrong with a great big plate of veggies!!

    Hope your Papa is OK and get’s better soon!

    Have a great April!

    ~ K

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