Beside the sea


Last weekend me and Dave spent the weekend in Llandudno, Wales with Jamie’s family for some fresh air and some exercise for both of us. And exercise we did, we walked for miles and miles enjoying the gorgeous scenery. This post is all pictures because honestly I would bore you to tears about walking and I’m not joking when I say all we did was walk. The weekend was beautiful and amazingly I had no phone signal which made me even better, it’s so important to switch off now and again.


We walked up the great orme and enjoyed some absolutely incredible views. Luckily the weather was good and most importantly it stayed dry but slightly overcast.


I know I said it would be all pictures and here I am talking about nothing, I can not wait to visit again when the sky is blue and you can see for miles.


Nothing makes me happier than being near the sea, there is something seriously calming about being near water and just relaxing. I love the sound of waves crashing against rocks.


On a early morning walk we spotted seals and I can’t tell you how excited I was, a little scream of excitement came out. For a moment I could have been anywhere in the world.


What a perfect weekend we had, we slept like little babies on Sunday night and are now excited for our next little adventure.


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