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This week has been incredible, I have been on such a high all week and have been trying very hard to improve my fitness levels. My papa bear is back in hospital so trying to fit diet and exercise into my week has been challenging but definitely not impossible. Instead of waiting for the gym to open I have been been getting up an hour earlier and going for a run instead. I have been doing as much meal prep as possible and carrying healthy snacks with me. I’m incredibly proud of myself and progress this week, with every week I’m getting fitter and stronger.

Glorious, glorious exercise!


I have been to as many classes as I could squeeze in, certainly not as many as usual but at least one a day which was enough to maintain my fitness I’m looking forward to get back to my normal sessions tho.


I tried Pilates for the first and last time this week, I felt that it worked my core very hard but I found it incredibly boring plus I really didn’t like the instructor. I have found that if I don’t like or can’t take to the instructor I give up with the class it is important that I feel comfortable with the person running it.


So my times aren’t great but they are definitely improving and it is only my second week of running. Although I have my first 5k run a week today, I have found that my mind definitely gives up before my legs which is a block that I have to get over. But I’m hoping running with other people will give me the motivation to keep running even when I want to give up.


With being away I couldn’t go the gym but i did manage some serious walking ( roughly ten miles a day ). Six months ago I could have never down it, most of my walking was up hill which I actually really enjoyed, it was lovely to be outside in the fresh air instead of being stuck in a gym.

Glorious food!


I have absolutely been loving breakfast, it’s definitely my favourite meal of the day and one you can have lots of fun with. I only have 35mins in the morning between finishing at the gym and getting to work so I need a quick and easy breakfast, usually something I can make the night before. Overnight oats are my new favourite breakfast.


I have been opting for quick healthy dinners, I have been so busy this week that I have had so little time at home that I have been opting for larger vegetable filled lunches and small egg based dinners which actually work better for me ( I will try and remember to get pics of my lunch next week ). There has been a lot less treats this week in fact I have limited my chocolate intake to a 100 calories a day and no cake at all. With going away next week I have been super good as I’m not sure what I will be eating next week.


Goals for next week!

1. Try a new class.
2. Don’t eat too much chocolate.
3. Run a little longer.
4. Drink more water..

Those glorious feelings!

This week I have really been on a high and feeling more confident, in the last week I have lost 6lbs and although I’m trying to get fit not skinny it’s an amazing feeling still to lose a few lbs. I have put the weight loss down to starting running and I’m sure the weight loss will slow down but for now I’m using it as motivation to keep going. I am going away for four days over Easter and I’m a little anxious about the amount of exercise I will be able to do but I will be taking my running shoes so I can do some running. I know I’m on holiday but honestly if I don’t workout I feel awful mentally more than anything. With Easter only a couple of days away and a house full of chocolate I’m being extremely good about portion sizes, I don’t need to eat the whole egg just enough to get rid of any cravings.


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