Dave the king!!


Hello there! Welcome to my mummies little island of internet heaven. It seems so long ago since I took over her blog, since last time we spoke I have been made King Dave see I have a throne it must be true.


Over the weekend me and my mum went away for a perfect weekend at the beach, we walked and walked some more, we chased seagulls, ate ice cream and occasionally found abandoned fish and chips. Although she wouldn’t let me play in the big water bowl, I’m pretty sure I could have drank it all up like a good boy.


But the best bit was getting to play in the sand, I love the feel of it under my paws, I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sound of the crashing waves. But these giant seagulls kept making so much noise and they were too fast for me to play with.

We walked up the biggest hill I have ever seen, well I walked and someone enjoyed being pulled up!


After such a big walk I could have eaten a cat. This is my ” I’m really hungry mummy! Feed me” face, isn’t it cute.


Some of my friends were there to play with but they bought their humans.


I had the bestest trip ever and the sea air made me so sleepy that I curled up and slept all the way home.

Thank you for reading my mummies blog and don’t forget I love doggie treats.




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