I know nothing about beauty!


I grew up living with my papa bear which I absolutely loved but now imagine me and my sister about to hit puberty, asking him for beauty and make up advice. And he did try his best he bought use the latest magazine and took use on weekly trips to superdrug, I figured out enough to get through the hell that is high school. In my late teens/early twenties I tried many different looks while trying to figure out my own style goth, skater girl, preppy girl all of which were more war paint rather than pretty girly make up.

I then spent my twenties extremely overweight which left me wanting to hide away rather than wanting to make myself stand out so I hid away. Now don’t get me wrong I still wore basic make up sticking to what I knew suited me, I played it very safe. But since starting my blog which has helped me lose weight and has made my confidence appear I want to start experimenting with the way I look specifically my make up. All of sudden I feel like a teenager again. Since I don’t know anything about make up or where you should start, I have decided to start with some new lipsticks.


Nude lips ( sorry there is a lot of pictures of me in this post ). I thought lipstick would be a good place to start as its a quick way to change a look. Basically I don’t need to become an expert to use it and I can just about do it. I have picked my top five favourite lip colours ( it has been a lot of fun trying some new colours, and it’s amazing the number of people who have noticed.)


Maybelline colour sensational matte lipstick in Summer pink.

This colour is probably the colour closest to my go to shade but much more shimmery. I love this colour for a day time look, maybe a little cake date or picnic in the park. This colour was easy to wear with most of the colours in my wardrobe although I did need to reapply it doing the day.


Maybelline colour sensational matte lipstick in Magnetic magenta 

This is the brightest pink/purple I have ever worn and was slightly nervous about this one I felt it was really out of my comfort zone. I would probably wear this on a night out rather than a day time look.


Rimmels lasting finish by Kate Moss in 35

I absolutely love the Kate Moss for Rimmel range, the coverage is amazing, it’s easy to apply and lasts all day which is no mean feat when you eat as much as I do. Since I’m absolutely rubbish at applying make up I look for lipsticks that are super easy to apply ( believe me I can mess lipstick up ). This colour is super pink and kinda reminded me of Barbie ( luckily I love Barbie ).


Rimmels lasting finish by Kate moss in Kiss of life.

This was a lovely easy to wear red, I have worn reds before but usually spend the whole time paranoid that I have it all over my teeth and on my face. I always think it’s really hard to find that perfect red lipstick and after years of searching I have finally found it, thank you Rimmel.


Maybelline colour sensational matte lipstick in Devine wine.

This was definitely the strongest colour I tried and the colour I got the most compliments in. I absolutely love it and it’s now my go to colour, it made my lips much more defined and made them look twice a plump as usual. I only had to apply it once during the day and it stayed perfectly put. I felt extremely confident wearing this colour like I could take over the world while wearing high heels.


I had so much fun trying out some different make up looks and now can’t wait to try and change some other bits and maybe eventually master the winged eyeliner.


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