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Luckily my motivation has returned this week, and I have become extremely excited about fitness and working out, I’m so glad that I don’t just give up as soon as I lose motivation. My papa bear is still in hospital so I’m still driving in and out of the city but trying super hard to fit in exercise. In fact in the last week I’ve done more exercise classes than I’ve ever done before. I’m tired and sore but feel really upbeat and happy about it.

Glorious glorious exercise!


This week I have pushed myself harder then I ever have with more exercise class and heavier weights. I think I was feeling a little guilty about my lack of motivation last week so made up for it this week.

This week I have done:- four spin classes, three yoga classes, kettleise, aqua fit, clubbercise and two hiit classes as well as three legs days, two arm days and a back and shoulders session. There were some days that I went to the gym three times in a day, it’s safe to say I’m a lot obsessed.


I have become obsessed with trying new classes mainly because I just want to make sure I keep exercise fun. This week I tried clubbercise and have to admit that it sounded fun but I wasn’t sure how much of a workout it would actually be but I gave it a go and can safely say after 45 minutes you definitely sweat. The only problem was that you couldn’t actually see all the moves the instructor was doing because of the dark but it didn’t really matter because you just bounce and jump around. The room was full of people singing and giggling, the atmosphere was lovely and so positive. However at £4.50 a session plus the cost of glowsticks it is actually rather expensive when you consider you can get a basic gym membership for £20 a month which offers lots of different classes. That said I will definitely be going back.


Glorious food!


With my papa bear is still in hospital it’s hard trying to fit food in around traveling and visiting times but I’m really trying ( expect for the ice cream, I just love ice cream ). I try any make food at home to take with me however if I have to eat out I try and pick the healthiest meal possible and always add lots of extra veggies. At home I’ve lowered my fruit intake and upped my vegetable intake. I’m feeling really positive about what in eating.


Goals for next week!

1. Drink more water ( this is still a problem ).
2. Try another new class.
3. Have a cheat meal ( I don’t really have cheat days but feel like my diet has become predictable so time to mix it up ).
4. Run a little further.


Those glorious feelings!


I have lost another 2lbs this week but I’m trying not to think too much about it because it’s about being fit, healthy and strong not about being skinny. I have to admit when you workout as much as I do its hard not to want instant results but in really trying to enjoy the process. I’m slowly becoming happier with the way I look but more importantly I’m so proud of my body I’m starting to realise how strong my body can be and just how far I can push it.




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