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There are so many little thing’s that I’m loving right now and wanted to share with you that aren’t necessarily a whole blog post so I thought I’d share some of them here with you.


Reading // The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory, I can’t not recommend this book enough, I was in love by the first chapter. The book is the first in the tudor serise. And is based around Henry the eighth and his first two wives, an absolute pleasure to read and will have you hooked from the start. I’m actually writing this post as quick as I can so I can climb into bed with it, I am obsessed with it reading in any spare minutes I get.


Eating // A LOT of oily fish, it’s strange to think that already this year I’ve eaten more fish than I have in the last five years ( that isn’t even a joke ). Since I started eating clean my tastes have completely changed foods that once made my stomach turn are now all I want to eat. Strangely enough after years of only wanting ” non fishy ” fish now I want fish like mackerel and sardines.


Enjoying // The longer days, have you noticed that it’s getting lighter a lot earlier ( it was full light at 6.45 this morning ) and the nights are getting slightly longer. I just feel like I have much more energy and am wanting to be outside more, it’s time to come out of hibernation and get excited for spring.


Drinking // A nice big cup of tea, specifically while curled up in bed with my book. I don’t think I have had any coffee in the last month. I have recently gone from having it with sugar to having no sugar ( it may take a while to get used to ). I can’t get enough of this wonderful British drink.


Exercising // Im absolutely love lifting weights, it makes me feel strong and fit. It’s the one exercise that I really push myself in, nothing gives me a better feeling than beating my personal best. I would love to compete in body building competitions although I have a long way to go yet.

Wearing // With spring so close now you can almost smell it im loving wearing lots of floral dresses ( ok so im wearing them with tights at the moment but soon I will be bare legged ). It’s amazing how what you wear changes your mood my smile is definitely bigger in a pretty floral dress.


Loving // Trying lots of new lipsticks, I know nothing about beauty products or make up so I keep it  super simple. But a lipstick can change your look instantly. Since writing this blog I have become a lot more confident and feel comfortable wearing brighter more daring shades.


Visiting // With my papa bear in The royal hospital in Liverpool city centre im spending a lot of time wandering around this beautiful city. As a teenager I spent a lot of my youth in Manchester and don’t really know much about Liverpool but I’m really enjoying wandering its beautiful streets and wonderful galleries.


Relaxing // A little late to the colouring book party I decided to give it a go and have found that after about 10 minutes of colouring my brain finally switches off and I can relax something I once thought was impossible. Although at times I get annoyed with the tiny lines and my awful eye sight, turns out I’m a free spirit who colours outside the lines.


Feeling // Extremely relaxed, it’s been a month since I started going to a regular yoga class and I can’t tell you now much it is helping me sleep better and working on my breathing techniques is helping me with my cardio exercises too


Needing // I am in desperate need of a spa weekend, just a couple of days of room service, lay ins and spa treatments is not too much to ask. But really I need a weekend to recharge I’m happy but exhausted.


Planning // I have some time off work over Easter so I am planning lots of things to do and places to visit. More importantly I am planning on eating lots and lots of glorious chocolate after all it is Easter, it would be rude not to.



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