Dunhams lost years


Me and Jamie had a spare afternoon ( amazingly at the same time ) and didn’t want to waste it so we jumped in car and went for a drive.


One thing about days out with Jamie is that he always drives which leaves me to take selfies ( no shame ) and play with the radio ( hello spice girls ). We drove for about 30 minutes, not really going anywhere but just seeing where we would end up when my phone made a funny little noise, it was my national trust app telling me we were near to Dunham Massey. We visited a couple of months ago and had a wonderful time so we headed that way.


If you read my blog regularly you will no I have the sweetest tooth and a desire to try every cake ever made so when we walked past the cafe and saw these little beauties we practically climbed over each other to get through the door. I had a fruit tart ( fruit, must be one of my five a day ) Jamie had lemon meringue pie and we shared a scone. After all we had to make sure we had enough energy to walk around.


Meringue pie face.


All sugared up and with happy full bellies we headed to the house, I know I’ve said it a million times but whenever I’m at a beautiful house I can’t help but walk around like I’m Elizabeth Bennett.


Beautiful entrance.


When we arrived we discovered that the house had been turned into a wonderful story about its lost years, last year we visited while the house had been turned into a military hospital and it was an absolutely wonderful experience you can take a peek at it here. So we were over the moon to find that this was on.

I don’t want to give too much away as its definitely worth a visit, each room told a different part of the story.

We walked around pointing out every little detail to each other, giggling along the way, the great think about Dunham Massey is its not like a museum, there’s so much to get involved with and actors walking around in character. It is truly like stepping back in time.


We walked around the gardens ( I’m really sorry I took a lot of pictures ) it was so cold but little glimpse of spring were popping up all over the place.


Jamie looking for fish ( story of my life ) absolute problems with marrying a fisherman.


I made some friends that I’m quarkers about them!


I’m very excited about visiting the garden during summer and enjoying the rose garden and some warmth ( hands up if you are ready for winter to be over ).


We had such a wonderful day out, we absolutely love Dunham Massey and highly recommend a visit, I can’t wait for the warmer months so we can spend longer there, discover new areas and lounge around with a picnic.


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