More happy little things in February


We tend to forget that happiness doesn’t come as a result of getting something we don’t have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have. ~Frederick Keonig

Part two of all the wonderful little things that made me ridiculously happy in February. You can take a peek at part one here , and remember it only takes one tiny little thing or a special little moment every single day to change your whole world.


Every moment with Jamie makes me unbelievably happy, we have such a wonderful relationship full of giggles and cake. He is my number one fan and supports me in every way possible, I certainly couldn’t do this blog or motivate myself to get out of bed every morning at 5am to go the gym. I’m a very lucky girl.

I know not everyone is a fan but I absolutely adore Valentine’s day, I think it’s such a wonderful little day. It’s a day where everything is heart shaped and candy filled, perfect! You can take a little peek at how we spent the day here..

Stepping back in time with the national trust, becoming a member last year was a brilliant move. It gets me out the house into the fresh air and I get to learn about our wonderful British history.

I get very little time to stop and relax ( believe me I’m not complaining ) so I try and have 10 minutes in the sauna after each gym session to relax and think of what I have to do that day and get some order to it.


Eating clean has become such a big part of my life now that I don’t really ever think about it, I no longer have to think about what  I’m going to eat, it has now become second nature to me. But discovering new clean foods that I now like ( my tastes have changed greatly since turning 30 ) makes me happy, mackerel us definitely one of those foods.

Cuddles with my beautiful fluffy girl, I have two bunnies Bambi and Thumper, Thumper is a mummies girl and let’s me cuddle here all day long but Bambi hates it so when she came to me for some love I was so happy and enjoyed every minute of it.

Cake, enough said!!!!

The full moon during February was so incredibly beautiful, I think we always admire a pretty sunrise or sunset but very rarely do we stop and look at the night sky.


Dog walks are a perfect way to spend an hour or two a day, I always feel incredible after being outside in the fresh air, this time of year is beautiful as little signs of spring can be seen springing up everywhere.

I don’t know if it’s just me but there is something about Easter chocolates that just make them taste better then any other chocolates. You can read about these adorable chocolates here.

Self care, a couple of weeks ago I decided to look after my mental health as well as I look after my physical health. So I have been enjoying a couple of hours every Sunday to look after my mental health and have some technology free time. You take a peek at how I spend my self care Sunday’s here

I started yoga earlier in the month and I’m absolutely loving it, it’s an incredible full body and mind workout. I have the best nights sleep after yoga which is enough to make anyone happy. I’m already seeing my body change from it, I’m looking forward to seeing my core get stronger and hopefully actually learning how to switch my brain off.


Time in nature makes me happy and relaxed, I’m so excited about spring now and exploring more of the British countryside. I can’t wait to explore some new places and take you all along with me.

My chaps are such cuties 💚

I love baking so this year I really want to work on my pastry skills, usually my pastry tastes good but looks a little ugly. So now I’m trying to make it pretty as well. I made a spinach and feta tart with shortcrust pastry and it was so yummy if I do say so myself.

Fresh flowers make me smile, I love filling my house with flowers on Sundays so that my house smells incredible all week long and they put a little bounce in my step as I’m leaving the house for work.


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