Self Care Sunday // 002


“Nourishing yourself in a way that helps you blossom in the direction you want to go is attainable, and you are worth the effort.” ~Deborah Day


I absolutely adore my life and wouldn’t change a single part of it but after 5.00AM starts all week, gym sessions, blogging, work, animals and general house chores by Sunday I’m absolutely exhausted and getting everything ready for the next week of madness. So I decided I would take a couple of hours every Sunday to look after my mental health and have a little self care, you can read more here.

For my first week I thought I would try colouring, I know I’m late to the colouring book party but honestly I could never find time and it felt a little selfish. Jamie’s beautiful sister bought me this wonderful book and crayons for Christmas so I thought I would start here for my first week of self care. I bought my favourite chocolate bars, put on my pjs, turned my phone off and coloured with just the sound of radio two in the background.


For the first 30 minutes it felt a little strange if I’m honest, it took me a while to switch my mind off from the constant lists going through my mind such as what I needed from the supermarket, have I done the washing, what’s for dinner tomorrow. But eventually I stopped and was able to hum along to the radio while colouring ( very badly colouring in, apparently I can’t keep in the lines ). It’s amazing how indulgent a £1 bar of chocolate and colouring book felt, it certainly relaxed me and made me less anxious about the coming week. After two hours of colouring and two bars of chocolate I switched back to everyday life feeling calm and energised.


I’m already excited for next Sunday’s self care session because honestly sometimes we just need to look after ourselves, take time out of our busy schedules to self care. We know when are bodies are weak or ill, we go to the gym and eat well to look after our physical health but how often do we stop and check our mental health. I’m a firm believer that self care looks after your mental health, it gives our brains time to switch off and relax from daily stress.

How do you relax? Do you self care?


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