Fitness // 003


I started this week with an extremely bad cold and felt awful but still feeling incredibly motivated after last weeks little burst I continued with the my gym sessions.

What I have learnt this week!
Your body can do incredibly things when pushed.
Yoga is one of the best all over body workouts I have ever done.
There are hundreds of women out there ready to encourage you and your dreams, after all confident women empower each other.
Vegetables are better than fruit.

Glorious, glorious exercise!


Despite being ill I still managed to go to all my gym classes although they were extremely hard work and I sweated like a pig. Most importantly I didn’t die in fact for an hour after I felt amazing. I’m still doing yoga and aqua aerobics which are now my favourite classes now. I have met some fabulous women in aqua aerobics who really are amazing ladies with such beautiful soul and do nothing but empower each other.


My favourite exercise is still walks with Dave, dog walking is such a rewarding way to keep fit and after hours in the gym I love getting out into the fresh air. I’m really loving the crisp cool winds at the moment it feels like it’s blowing all the badness out of me and leave me feeling refreshed.

Glorious food!


I made an extra effort with my meals this week in a bid to shift my cold as fast as possible, unfortunately it didn’t really work but it was incredibly tasty. I doubled my vegetable intake, including swapping the amount of fruit I was eating for snacking on veggie sticks. And swapping my usually porridge breakfast for a green smoothie.


This was my favourite meal this week, it was incredibly simple but absolutely perfect and something I was craving, just looking at this picture is making drool for more.


My cheat meal this week was a big slice of lemon layer cake and it tasted like heaven in my mouth, I truly enjoyed every single mouth full.


Goals for next week

1. Try a another new class.
2. Eat less fruit in favour of more vegetables.
3. Try going for a run
4. Take an evening to myself for a bathroom spa date.


This glorious feelings!

Despite the feeling like death I strangely feel amazing, I’m a little bit proud of myself for still going to the gym even when I just wanted to curl up and stay in bed. This week has shown me that my body can stand more than I sometimes push it to. So next week when I think I can’t do anymore or think I can’t manage one more rep I know I can and I will. After week of not seeing any change on the scaele they finally moved down four lbs which was a lovely little surprise, I need to remember to mix my diet and exercise up a little more often if I really want to see results. I’m very excited for the next few weeks in the gym now.






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