Cake date & perfect dress


If you read my blog regularly you will know that I have recently lost two dresses and in the last 18 months lost another three dress sizes, now if you have lost weight you will know that sometimes it takes a little longer for your mind to realise that you are actually smaller now. So I rarely ever wear the right size clothes and would never dream of wearing a fitted outfit. But that has all changed with one dress, now I’m all about showing off my new figure and feeling comfortable in my own skin.

We absolutely love breakfast dates, forget your Saturday night dinner and a movie or your nights on the town ( we rarely have weekends together ) we are all about the morning dates especially the ones that are full of cake. Because I truly believe that the best part of being an adult is having cake for breakfast. Feeling extremely confident in my new Boutique of Molly dress and wearing my new favourite lipstick we followed our noses to cake.


This is our favourite little spot the food is amazing and the staff are the sweetest people.

As much as I love coffee I can’t drink it in the morning or til I have had at least four cups of tea ( backwards I know ).


We ordered lots and lots of cake and devoured it all. We chatted for a couple of hours over pots of tea ( know needs cocktails ).


Here is my cake face, my dress was beautifully fitted, usually I worry about wearing fitted dresses because I don’t like my stomach but this dress fitted to all the right areas and flattered my stomach area which really boosted my confidence ( even after all the cake ).


Jamie looking super handsome

We made a dash through the park giggling from our sugar rushes, feeling a little proud of myself for all those hours in the gym I danced around pretending I was a princess. This little beauty is the perfect length for daytime wear I wore it with tights and flats as it was a little cool. It’s also dressy enough to take it to an evening look in seconds just lose the tights wear your highest heel and add some red lipstick and you have the perfect dress for cocktails with the girls. 

I’m absolutely certain you will be seeing this dress lots and lots it’s definitely my new go to dress and it was an absolute steal of a price. You can find this dress and lots more here and you can find them on Twitter here.

Happy shopping



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