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This week my motivation has been through the roof, I’ve been jumping out of bed ready to hit the gym and absolutely loving it. It’s been a real struggle to have two rest days. I have really mixed up my routine and I’m loving it. I still haven’t lost weight according to my scales however I’m seeing change in my stomach and my clothes are feeling different so I have ditched the scales.

Glorious, glorious exercise


This week I have been doing leg day barefoot and I can’t tell you how much better it is, I can lift heavier, my squats are deeper and its just more comfortable. I don’t think I will ever wear trainers again. Last week I tried aqua aerobics and really enjoyed it so made my second trip this week and still really loved it. It’s a nice fun exercise that makes me giggle through the whole hour.


So after discovering aqua aerobics last week I thought I would stick with trying new classes and this week I chose yoga. My first class was 90 minutes and I was sure I wouldn’t be able to complete it but I did and that in itself gave me a real boost I was particularly proud of myself and amazed by my body. I have already been looking for other classes in my area.


With all this extra exercise looking after my muscles and body in general has become even more important to me so I have had a few trips to the sauna to help me relax.

Glorious food


I’m still eating clean and I still really enjoy it, I no longer ever crave junk food or any processed food. Now I don’t even have to think about making good decisions, I just make them. My main rule is, if it’s colourful and from the ground it’s good for you, no beige here!!!

Valentine’s day was absolutely perfect, Jamie cooked for me and he knows what I love. He cooked me healthy fish and chips, he made cod sweet potatoes fries and avocado peas. Jamie really is my biggest fan when it comes to my fitness and wouldn’t ever discourage me from eating healthy. After dinner he shared a small box of milk tray ( I only had three of them, Jamie took one for the team by finishing them off ).


Goals for next week!

1. Try another new class.
2. Try having a couple of vegan days.
3. Drink more water ( I don’t think I will ever get the hang of this ) .
4. Try some different fruits/vegetables.


Those glorious feelings!

I really feel amazing this week I have had to buy new clothes as I was starting to feel like a homeless women walking around with my clothes looking far too big. This week was just what I needed as I was feeling a little deflated and honestly ready to give up. ┬áBut now I’m more excited than ever about getting fit and healthy and I’m really looking forward to the next few months and watching myself change.



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